Awesome Jap Snack at Taiyaki Hiiragi たいやき ひいらぎ

Awesome Jap Snack at Taiyaki Hiiragi たいやき ひいらぎ

When such a great Taiyaki store is in your neighbourhood, you've definitely got to try it. If you don't already know what's a Taiyaki, check out Wikipedia's definition here.

Taiyaki Hiiragi's signature food item is definitely one of the best. They've won many awards for their awesome taiyakis and the never ending queues put a mark of certification on their success. 

Even with the never-ending queues, you never have to wait too long to be served. You can smell the lovely cake batter baking whilst in the queue and it fills you up with excitement. 

Unfortunately, the menu is all in Japanese, there are no English menus for you to point at to order. 

Their taiyaki are made using 100% homemade bean paste from Hokkaido. Surprisingly, their taiyaki fishes don't contain any eggs, buckwheat flour and milk.

Cooking each of these goodies takes slightly over 30 minutes, and there's a lovely texture both outside and within. For maximum pleasure, please enjoy it as soon as you are handed the taiyaki.

I just asked for a normal taiyaki (150yen for 1) and pointed to a photo showing a taiyaki with matcha filling (about 330yen) to try. Turns out that the matcha filling taiyaki was filled with cold matcha paste. I definitely enjoyed the hot ones better and suggest you go for them instead. 

The cold one had a (too) soft a outer layer, it was pretty limp.

Hot ones come wrapped in small paper bags.

The hot ones are crispy on the outside, but soft and steamy on the inside. I love their taiyaki because its red bean fillings are not overly sweet and yet delectable.

For those who wants to takeaway these taiyakis for your friends back in the hotel or at home, preferably you would have to inform the staff so that they can pack it in the way that retains the freshness of your take-home taiyaki. All you have to do after bringing it back home is to put the taiyaki in a microwave oven and warm it up slightly. It'll be better if you could even put it in the oven toaster while to get back the crisp taste.

If you're putting it in the freezer, thaw it completely and pop it into the oven toaster to heat it up for 1 to 2 mins and then enjoy. :)

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Taiyaki Hiiragi たいやき ひいらぎ
English Address: 〒150-0013 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu, 1 Chome−4−1
Japanese Address: 恵比寿1丁目4-1 アーバンハウス107 Shibuya, 東京都 〒150-0021 Japan
Operating Hours: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm (Closed on Mondays)
Website: http://www.taiyakihiiragi.com/
Closest Subway Station: Ebisu Station (恵比寿駅)

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