Nature Republic Gingseng Royal Watery Cream and Essence

Nature Republic Gingseng Royal Watery Cream and Essence

I bought this sometime ago last year from Nature Republic, but never really got to start using it until recently. Yes, I'm talking about the widely raved Nature Republic Ginseng Royal Watery Cream (60ml).

Why is it so popular that even Korea's ex deputy Prime Minister Choi Kyung Hwan recommends it? Well, I didn't regret getting this even just to see what's that hype all about, with a political leader liking (and going so far as to even mention it) the product.

As most of you already know, Nature Republic is a well-established, 'young' Korean brand that rose to fame since it started manufacturing natural and effective products since year 2009. About 50,000 of these creams were sold within 3 weeks of its launching... so, effective much? Let's see.

Why do I like this product?
1. Classy, solid packaging. As though magic is contained in it.
2. Gold flakes. Omg, gold flakes! Did I already mention gold?
3. Its hardcore key ingredients. Contains ginseng extracts, pure 99% gold, royal jelly, gold silkworm.
4. Moisturising.

Mainly, whenever I buy a product, I need to know if it's good for our weather in Singapore. It can be praised by so many Korean celebrities that I can lose count, but the key question is when they bring this product here, will I also find it as miraculous?

Answer: I'm sitting on a fence for this one.

Because of Korea's sheer dry weather, I can understand why this is such a hit. But not totally in Singapore.

Some days, when I perspire more, I find it hard to absorb due to the sheer humidity in Singapore. So when do I use this most?

As a night cream, applied once each day before going to bed.

Unfortunately for some of you, this cream contains alcohol and silicon, so just take note.

Using this, I note minor improvements in my skin's moisture level as it does help my skin stay hydrated and radiant with its whitening and anti-wrinkle effects.

Overall, this cream is watery, easily absorbed (in drier countries) and is one that I would love to continue usage especially in winter or colder climates. Then I won't just recommend once a day usage, but twice, and spam-on-face usage.

As an added booster (used before the cream), I also tried using the Ginseng Royal Silk Essence (40ml). Its watery texture also makes it very easy to absorb (easier than the cream). And I loved it, but in Singapore, I would not recommend to use both at the same time.

Unless you have really dry or mature skin that requires more moisturising properties. Ginseng is really a hardcore skincare ingredient, so I'm more careful to not 'over' moisturise, if not I'd be having breakouts.

At least for my skin.

Well, I also got a travel set which I will be using on my upcoming travels (going to Korea again soon!).

The travel set consists of the full range of Ginseng Royal Silk products and thank goodness I didn't get the full sized ones because I would have a hard time finishing all of them since I won't be using them together.

If you're living in a drier climate like I said, go ahead and get them all, you've got nothing to lose.

If you're in Singapore though (hot and humid), it'll be a no-no for me. If I had to pick just one product to purchase though, the watery cream would still be my choice.

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