Korean Indie Skincare Brand: Graymelin's 그레이멜린 Mayu (Horse Oil) Healing Cream

Korean Indie Skincare Brand: Graymelin's 그레이멜린 Mayu (Horse Oil) Healing Cream

Such a long name for this: Graymelin Original Natural Mayu (Horse Oil) Healing Cream (그레이멜린 오리지널 내추럴 마유크림, 50g). I came across this brand when I was shopping in Kosney Korea. Costs 22,000krw.

This cream can be used for all types of skin, supposedly. Even on scratched skin or skin with eczema or dermatitis, because of its 'healing' properties. Of course I didn't try that on my broken skin (I wasn't willing to risk it after all), but if you do decide to purchase this cream and apply over broken skin, please ensure that you check with your dermatologist first or do a 12-hour patch test.

Effectively you can store it for 3 years without opening it. But once opened, it's good to use for 1 year.

How to use: Apply to entire face after the last step of foundation care.

This product is entirely Korean made, widely raved by some really pretty Korean social media stars. But really, everyone has different types of skin so just remember that. Doesn't mean if it suits them, it'll suit you too.

Storage and Handling Precautions
1) Be sure to close the lid well after use.
2) Please keep out of children's reach.
3) Do not store in a place exposed to high or low temperatures.
4) Do not store in direct sunlight.
5) If any of the contents get into your mouth, wash it immediately.

This is a highly moisturising cream, so I use it only at night before I go to bed. The next morning, it is totally absorbed into my skin and my skin felt quite soft. I liked that very much.

While I liked the result of using the cream, the smell is not my favourite. I can't put a proper description to the smell, its neither floral nor fruity. Probably from the smell of the horse oil.

Also, I feel it was a little sticky (I'm in Singapore, after all) using a little more on my cheeks so I suggest you don't put too much if you decide to try this product.

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