Don't Tell Mama (DTMM): Korean-Mexican Bar in Singapore

Don't Tell Mama (DTMM): Korean-Mexican Bar in Singapore

We just had a pretty fun night out at Don't Tell Mama (DTMM)!

Yes, in fact, we think it's a secret that's too well kept. Don't Tell Mama is a bistro housed somewhere along the Korean food street in Tanjong Pagar, offering Korean - Mexican fusion food (한국-멕시코 연합음식). Guests are invited to let their hair down, enjoy the company of friends and great music.

We tried a couple of their recommended dishes as well, and had a swell time chillin' out and chowing here.

One of my favourites were the Bulgogi Quesadilla (불고기퀘사디아, $14) and the Onion Bomb (양파밤 ,$12). The Bulgogi quesadilla is savoury and pretty awesome with the sauces, I even snatched some of my friend's share.

The onion bomb is really tasty and good with beer. Don't forget to order their chicken wings as well, as they are partners with Chicken Up.
Spicy Lollipop (left, $8) and Onion Bomb (right, $12)

You can count on them for Korean favourites finger foods. especially their chicken wings!

Prawn Burrito - Cheesy, savoury, reminds me of pizza and awesome with beer
This dish, Fried Chicken Gizzards ($8) is super great for drinking games (as a punishment) if you can't take some spice, because it's such a fiery bomb in your mouth! But for those who loves a good spice, I challenge you to take this one. Chicken Gizzards!!
Fried Chicken Gizzards - This is extremely spicy but shiok, with lovely texture!
When they say it's spicy, you better believe it because, you know, well - Koreans.

The Koreans are also great with their mix of drinks. We tried the Margari- no - Sojurita ($25), great for those who can't decide between a soju or a margarita, mexican style! We tried the Passionfruit flavour, strawberry flavour and Lychee flavour one, and as confirmed by DTMM, most girls love this drink!

Yes, don't blink, it's the entire bottle of Soju!

It's definitely above 18% alcoholic content, FYI for those who can't drink that much. haha.  The thing is, for this drink it's really so delicious that I didn't even know I could drink that much soju!

Strawberry Sojurita (left) and Lychee Sojurita (Right)

I think I was slightly drunk.
It's a big big glass, so if you can't hold your liquor well, you can share it with your friends!

Don't worry, if you can't hold your liquor, you can also make your night more colourful by ordering their special blinking lightbulb drinks - which you can choose from a good selection of their soda, juices and smoothie drinks ($5 - $6++)!

Alcohol lovers? Yes, they also catered for alcoholic cocktails served in these cute containers (from $15++).

DTMM has many promotions going on so be sure to check out their webpage to keep updated with all the ongoing ones!

Don't Tell Mama
Location: 52 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088473
Website: http://www.dtmm.sg/
Reservations: +65 6221 2007
Operation Hours: 5pm to 12am

This was an invited session by Don't Tell Mama (DTMM).

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