Letao, one of my favourite cheesecakes!

Letao, one of my favourite cheesecakes!

I love LeTAO. Hailing from Hokkaido Japan, I managed to snag one of these frozen goodies at Tokyo's Narita Airport, just before I flew back to Singapore. I've been pining for this double fromage cheesecake ever since I got my first bite in South Korea's LeTAO, around the Apgujeong area.

The upper layer is creamy smooth no-bake cheesecake, and the lower layer is rich, tasty baked cheesecake. There, I had it paired with a dessert wine and it was totally fantastic and unforgettable. Definitely one of the best cheesecakes I ever had.

Once you get it from the store, the frozen version will last without a fridge for another 6-8 hours. But to be honest, I exceeded that timeline, no doubt. Reaching back to Singapore and collecting my luggage from the belt takes time too. By the time it truly reached my Singapore fridge for refreezing, it has been about 10 hours since my flight from Tokyo.

If you get these frozen goodies, you'll be able to keep this for another 5 months before it expires.

A note though: Once unfrozen, unsealed and cut, please don't refreeze or refrigerate it until the expiry date ends! In fact, once I unsealed it, took my first bite, it was gone within the next 2 days.

Quality of the frozen cheesecake is of course, not as stimulating as if you were to have it fresh. Either way, I made it a point to get the frozen ones in Narita airport before my flight. It's the next best thing after I've tried it at the South Korean branch.

But now, that it's in Singapore, I wonder how good it'll taste?

I will try it one day and let you guys know if it's comparable to the awesome one I had!

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