Katfood Lip Balm: All-natural and Super Moisturising!

Katfood Lip Balm: All-natural and Super Moisturising!

Dry, cracking lips?

I think I've just found my favourite lip balm of all time.

It's Christmas soon, and I bought some of these as Christmas presents.

So... girl friends who receive this from me, you are about to receive the most moisturising lips of all time! haha.

They're having a limited edition sale for 3 of these lip balms, which means that instead of $33.70 (if you buy it individually), you're only paying an average of $8.70 per lip balm now!

Can I hear a 'YIPPIE YAY'?!

THE POWER PUFF LIP TRIO (Limited Edition): $25.90

Totally, no regrets after buying these awesome lippies.

The lip balms smell so good, and is extremely moisturising! The HUAT AH! lip balm is also a very cute CNY gift, if you're planning on giving any girl friend a present for the new year.

I bought this online on 9 Nov 2016, and when it was delivered to me on 15 Nov 2016, I saw its batch no. written as 14 Nov 2016!  Different lip balms have different expiry dates / batch number dates, so check it properly to ensure you're using them during their freshest period.

One reason why I love this product is also because Katfood makes these handmade goodies fresh with no chemical preservatives.

Hence the short expiry dates.

Did I also mention how these lip balms are award winning lip balms?

99 Pink Balloons Lip Balm won the Harper's BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2016 for Best Tinted Lip Balm and John Lemon Lip Balm won the Beauty Insider 2016 Beauty Awards - Best Lip Saver Readers Choice Award!

I can understand why. :) When you apply these lippies, it gives your lips a gorgeous sheen while being ultra moisturising at the same time. It also smells really yummy!

Coconut oil is one of its main ingredients. But if you're one of those who dislikes coconut oil, don't worry! The smell is not apparent at all.

Buy them online here: KatFood

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