Blisshouse Theme Restaurant to celebrate a blissful day

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant to celebrate a blissful day

[Update 2018: Blisshouse has since officially ceased operations.]

It had been almost a month since my birthday in October, but memories of the celebration with my family and friends are still so fresh and sweet!

One of the places my family brought me to was Blisshouse Theme Restaurant. The place was so lovely, you'll feel like you just stepped into a garden for your meal.

Many good spots for photos here! You can tell that many people have held their ROMs, birthday parties, and even hens night here. I don't know why, but the next table was having a sort-of hens night. Lol.

For Korean drama 'Descendants of the sun' fans, you might like these 2 cuties.

Wedding solemnizations are sometimes held here, I heard.
 Me with a huge teddy bear - celebrating me, because, I'm me.
My sister gave me this, love this so much! Words cannot express how important my sister is to me, and she's one of life's best gifts to me.
The food here was perhaps average, passable, though of course they are mostly selling their themed restaurant. I guess you could say for a themed restaurant, their food is pretty alright, highly than average.

My Muslim friends can also choose to come here as this place is halal. :)

Honestly though, I liked the fish dishes. When you're here, that's one choice you can go with. And you know what, don't bother ordering the truffle fries, that's one dish that's way below my standard.

When we visited on a Saturday night, it wasn't very packed at all. I guess you could just walk in, no problem. :) But if you wish to make reservations, check out their details below!

Overall, I really enjoyed this place and I wish to thank my family for making it so memorable for me. I guess it's also who you visit with, so if you want to feel like you're in bliss, go with people you love and snap many memories with their awesome photo props!

Blisshouse Themed Restaurant
Tel: +65-62255532
Location: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21, The Central, Singapore 059817
Website: http://www.blisshouse.com.sg/ 

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