Izy Dining & Bar in Club Street

Izy Dining & Bar in Club Street

For my recent birthday lunch, I visited IZY for the first time. The walls sported graphics that represented a mix of Japanese pop culture characteristics while the bar facing the walls had a classier, chillax-ed look to it.

Loved how they also considerately catered bag hooks for the ladies sitting at the bar side.

We ordered from the lunch set menu. My friend ordered a Kaisen-chirashi don set ($25). The set includes truffle oil salad, chawanmushi and miso soup.

Interestingly, they used organic Nai bai (奶白菜, Milk Cabbage) for the salad. It was pretty much my first Nai Bai (奶白菜, Milk Cabbage) salad experience, to be honest.

Love how they grilled their meats in a charcoal oven, to provide their meats a light smoky flavour.

And guess that's how I ended up with the recommended premium set - Wagyu Truffle don ($40). The beef was succulent and flavourful, coupled with the light shaved truffle, which made it pretty rich for lunch. Similarly, the set also came with the same sides as the premium set.

When we finished our meal, they served a complimentary dessert - wait a sec - this time: savoury. Surprisingly it tasted really delectable: their grilled meat slice and fried yam, served with truffle salt (say what?). It was really a perfect ending to a lovely lunch. :)

Izy Dining & Bar
Location: 27 Club St, Singapore 069413
Website: http://izy.com.sg/

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