Hana Bunshik's Pork Tripe Stew (양동시장, 하나분식의 내장국밥)

Hana Bunshik's Pork Tripe Stew (양동시장, 하나분식의 내장국밥)

We visited Yangdong Market (광주 양동시장) in Gwangju, one of Korea's traditional markets. I will be sharing more on Yangdong market in another post, but first, let's head over to Hana Bunshik 하나분식, where we try their popular Pork Tripe Stew (내장국밥)!

This place is also one of the well-known places within Yangdong Market, made famous by the late South Korean President Noh who had visited this place 5 days before the presidential election in year 2002 for a meal.

It's also known to the Koreans as the Noh Moo-hyun Gukbab restaurant (노무현 국밥집).

When we arrived, it was just before lunchtime, hence it wasn't that packed.
Cozy seating.
The hall of fame, hung all around the walls.

Foreigners who decide to visit have to take note that the menu is all in Korean. Unfortunately, there's no English menu or pictures on it for you to point at to make your order. What's comforting to know is that this place is as authentic as can be, in terms of having an accurate taste of Korean food.

I ordered the naejang gukbab 내장국밥 (3rd dish from the left) for my stew, which cost 6000won. If you notice the brackets next to the pricing, that just means that the ingredients used are locally produced (locally raised pigs).

We also ordered gimbap 김밥 (7th dish from the left) for 2000 won and tteok-mandu guk 떡만두국 (3rd dish from the right) for 5000won.

Learning points: 
Gimbap 김밥 = Rice roll (sushi roll style, with Korean styled fillings)
Tteok-mandu guk 떡만두국 = Rice cake Dumpling Soup/Stew
Naejang gukbab 내장국밥 = Pork tripe stew (Innards - Intestine, pork belly and pork stomach)

We feasted on some hearty gimbap, my friends loved it. For me, the star highlight was the stew.

My friends didn't take innards, hence they decided to go for something more mainstream - rice cakes and dumpling soup. The soup was made thick with the addition of rice cakes, hence the whitish, creamy looking broth. The dumplings were not bad.

But for me, this was the absolute star highlight of the meal. For one, I love eating tripe (I love both pork and beef). Also, this was actually highly recommended by the ajumma who works there, as one of their popular signature dishes.

The stew was served with green peppers and some doenjang (bean paste). Have them together as the ingredients work to bring out the goodness in each other.

Look at that, a part of the pig's stomach.

Having the stew and rice makes this so lovely, it's one of the best Korean stews had thus far.

I always ate the Chinese style of pig innard's soup, and I felt that the Korean style just gave a fresh perspective to the dish altogether. The soup was rich with flavour, and yet the tripe had no unwanted smell.

This is especially important as you need good skills and knowledge to rid it of any unwanted intestinal smell (if you know what I mean). This stew had no unpleasant smell at all, tasted awesome and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Hana Bunshik (양동시장 하나분식)
Location: 263-37 Yang-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju, South Korea (양동시장 · 광주광역시 서구 양동 263-37)
Google coordinates: 35.154093, 126.901516

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