Dining at the Sushi Bar

Dining at the Sushi Bar

Over the weekend, I went to enjoy a quick lunch with one of the besties, a well-awaited mini break for her! So I brought her to dine at The Sushi Bar Dining in Ngee Ann City.
Previously I've been to the Far East Plaza branch with some colleagues and they had ordered some fresh catch of the day - I wonder how that must have costed as it was stated 'Seasonal pricing' on the menu, something that I don't think I would dare to order by myself, to be honest. haha.
The Ngee Ann City branch is bigger and more polished in terms of its decor, and I'm sure that's because they opened only last year, much much later than the Far East Plaza one.
Staffs were standing in front of the sushi bar, waiting in line (literally) to see if any patrons call out to them. They brought us to our table, which was situated right in front of a filled fridge of sake and beer (not in the afternoon, please!)
Anyway, we went with the good ol' hot green tea, which proved to be a good choice for what we were about to order.
We had the scallop mentaiyaki ($14.90), which was raw thin squid slices. This was so good, it didn't feel odd (i.e. rubbery) at all and we polished off the plate in no time.
We also ordered the Aburi Kaisen Chirashi don ($26.90) and the Wagyu beef don ($34.90). 'Don' just means rice, so we actually had these super thick sashimi slices with Japanese rice. We also chose to have our sashimi torched. This dish tasted pretty fresh and we finished up this entire bowl.

Another thing to note while ordering this is that I realised the waitress automatically wrote down 'Premium Chirashi Don' when I just said 'Chirashi don' - in my mind, I was thinking: Plain bara chirashi don.

But yes, either way, she wrote the Kaisen version down and we also decided to stick with it (sigh).

There are 3 types here: The Bara Chirashi don, the Kaisen chirashi don and the premium chirashi don. Just note that all the prices are extremely different, with the premium chirashi don stated as a 'seasonal price'. Just make sure you check your orders again before they place them for you.
 As for the beef bowl, we had the option to choose how we wanted our beef done - fully raw, medium or fully cooked. I was sure I said medium, but when it came, I was pretty sure it tasted quite, well, raw. This was another sigh for me.

Either way, I decided to accept the mistake and mixed it up with the rice. It was good, but we both felt that the fats on the beef were extremely distracting and we almost couldn't finish up the last slice of beef out of the phobia of having another fatty piece.

In fact, I am one who loves fat on meat, so you can imagine how undesirably fatty this entire bowl was.
Still, I must say that if you wanted a delightful sashimi meal, I will recommend you visit the Sushi Bar Dining.

BUT I will recommend you come only if you have extra money to spare for the month as just ordering these few dishes racked up the bill to $90+++ for the two of us. (And this is without ordering any dessert yet!)

The Sushi Bar Dining
Location: 391 Orchard Road #05-34/35 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238873
Operating Hours: 11:30am – 9pm

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