Home of Totoro Cream Puffs: Shiro-hige’s Cream Puff Factory

Home of Totoro Cream Puffs: Shiro-hige’s Cream Puff Factory

As a Studio Ghibli fan, imagine my huge disappointment when I realised that the Ghibli museum was closed for repairs and maintenance during my trip period.

So, upon learning about this place which makes Totoro Cream Puffs, I was determined to be acquainted with these cuties no matter what.

We reached here on a weekday afternoon, and the cafe was already filled with tourists and local students! We were feeling so tired because we had just walked around the neighbourhood locating this shop, and we just wanted to sit down as it had been drizzling on us earlier.

Head up the crazy steep steps to check for seats. No seats!
We arrived at about 3pm, though we thought there would be no one around during such timing. We had no choice but to queue behind 2 groups of people, but estimated time to sitting down was another 45 mins or longer!

Heck, we decided to takeaway the puffs and have them on the go. But not before we take a quick walkthrough of the nice Ghibli stuff they have on display!

It's like a mini museum of Totoro items!

The place is really small and enough for perhaps 3-4 people to stand there at any one time.
Various flavours can be seen for your choice on this paper - albeit all in Japanese language. Some are limited editions based on seasons.

Yes, they greet you like this.

Limied Summer edition ones, but we didn't get them.

They packed it nicely for us in a box of 4, and made sure the the cream puffs don't move around in the box. Also, I should share that each takeaway box has an ice pack that lasts 2-3 hours (they said 5 hours but I kind of don't believe that, especially when it was kinda warm outside).
We can't wait! So as soon as we got to the station, we opened them up and started devouring them.

The fillings were soooo good. We were careful to eat them as we were expecting it to flow. The matcha one sure didn't disappoint.
Matcha version

Cream custard

Aren't they CUTE?! I love them.

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Some of you may realise I always give map coordinates because I feel that's the most accurate location or at least, that's the closest I can get to showing you exactly where it is. I realise my GPS always goes crazy after those days I stayed in Japan, and figured this might be more help to tourists like us who just want to visit these cute totoro cream puffs!

So, here you go!

Map Coordinates: 35.65896, 139.66276

Shiro-hige’s Cream Puff Factory 白髭 (しろひげ) のシュークリーム工房
Address: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Shirota 5-3-1 (Setagaya daita Station)
Website: http://www.shiro-hige.com/store_info/
Hours: 10.30am – 7pm (Closed – Tuesdays)

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