Get your cashback when you shop with Shopback

Get your cashback when you shop with Shopback

Shopping. Who doesn’t love it, especially now that with the rise of online shopping, where you can shop at the comfort of your own home? I most certainly do!

How about shopping and getting some of that spent money back? Well, that probably caught your attention! Because what I’m about to share will do just that, through one of the largest cashback sites that Singapore has.

Cashback shopping are gaining popularity overseas, with the influx of online shoppers and here’s Singapore’s very own cashback: ShopBack!

Shopback is a cashback site that pays you for shopping with more than 500 of their merchant stores. They are the top cashback site in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Some of their merchants include big brands like: Guardian, Cathay Cineplex, UBER, Zalora, Honestbee, Agoda, Booking.com, ASOS, Taobao, Foodpanda, and more!

They even have a section where you can conveniently find some discount coupons or if you're looking to travel, you can click here to go to their travel deals page. 

Seriously, how does it work?

Step 1: Sign up for free
Step 2: Shop your favourite stores via Shopback
Step 3: Earn up to 30% Cashback
Step 4: Cash it out! (Money goes back into your wallet, YAY!)

I won’t go into too much specifics on how it works, because they’ve done it all on their youtube channel already.

The videos are a great guide for you to understand how it works and especially for my taobao shopping homies, please take a look at this video to see how you can enjoy shopping at taobao and also get some cashback for it!

 When Shopback approached me to do this post and I went through their website, I was so excited to find Guardian and Taobao in there! I’m a frequent shopper of the 2 sites and I took the chance to try out the Shopback service for these 2 sites.

The thing about this is simply that the process of your online shopping does not change. The only change is that you get to clock cashbacks or, as I like to call it, cashable shopping rebates for yourself.

When you shop for any items, be sure to read the T&Cs that are transparent to all shoppers, they will make sure the note is seen by you, well,  something like that:

As for Guardian, I chose to have my items picked up at the shop itself as it was convenient for me. The process was quick and painless.

Also, join their newsletter as they will inform you all the awesome deals that are going on in that e-retail marketplace! Be sure to check out Shopback today! 

Overall, I enjoyed this service and the cashbacks were promptly credited into my account. Also, you’ll definitely be able to find something in there that suits your shopping needs.

This post was reviewed with invitation from Shopback Singapore. 

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