Food display of 7-11 convenience store in Japan

Food display of 7-11 convenience store in Japan

Food in Japan. Even the food from their convenience stores attract me. Especially their onigiris and their bentos. So so good for supper time. It's a great place to be in for meals if you're on a serious budget in Japan.

I had 2 onigiris for breakfast every morning. We had a new flavour everyday when we were there. 
Interesting flavour: Plum onigiri (in pink shown below). Sounded so special that I immediately bought it. But unfortunately, it was my least favourite one out of all the flavours there.
 They have so many flavours of noodles there!! Lovin' the selection - from spicy soup noodles to cream pastas.
Oh yes, yes. Let's not forget the varieties of bread there, enough to rival breadtalk in the mornings.
 Did I mention the dessert selection too? It was awesome as castella cakes, puddings, anpan (red bean bread), swiss roll cake slices and even fruits were available.
 Before I forget: SALADS for the healthy eaters.
 Back to desserts again.
 Ice-cream selection that made me a-screamin'.
 For the itchy mouths that loves a good snack, 24/7.

 Drinks! They have hot ones, cold ones, you name it - they have it.

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