My 2016 Laneige Haul and 2 newly launched Laneige products!

My 2016 Laneige Haul and 2 newly launched Laneige products!

Yes, so I finally went crazy and contributed to the sales of the Laneige counters recently. Here is my Laneige haul! On the side, friends always ask me how to pronounce the brand name, and here you go!

Laneige - 라네즈 - La-Ne-J 

Before I break it down, here's my Laneige routine:

Skincare Laneige Routine: Morning
Cleanser > Clear-C Advanced Effector > White Plus Renew Skin Refiner > White Plus Renew Emulsion > Water Bank Gel Cream > All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor > Sunblock / Sun cream > Makeup

Skincare Laneige Routine: Night
Cleanser > Clear-C Advanced Effector > White Plus Renew Skin Refiner > White Plus Renew Emulsion > Water Bank Gel Cream / Water Sleeping Mask

So, let's break it down now with a quick snapshot!:

Clear-C Advanced Effector
Hmmm. Okay, for this I included it in my haul because I got my friend to get this for me from Korea recently. This is one of my favourite products from Laneige: it's like vitamins for my skin, you know? Helps with brightening and has a great absorption rate. The older version didn't come with cotton pads, but the new and improved version does (60 cosmetic cotton pads). This kind of translates to 30-days worth usage if you use if morning and night right? Anyway, if you decide to walk away from Laneige with just one item, use this. I'm kidding - you probably won't just walk away with one product. (Sorry not sorry)

White Plus Renew Skin Refiner & White Plus Renew Emulsion
I have been using the White Plus Renew Original Essence for a long time now, and with positive results, I figured I should extend the usage of the series to the Refiner and the Emulsion as well. I mean, it was good, so why not, right? I still use other cleansers though - but I hope this, coupled with the essence, will show a greater improvement on my skin.

The Skin refiner is like a softener, and softens the skin (duh) and also helps with brightening.

Next up - the Emulsion helps to brighten the skin, add radiance. So far, it feels light on the skin. Main purpose is to serve as a booster for the other brightener products. I'm using this in the morning and night after facial washes and the refiner.

Water Bank Gel Cream
I've always been a Laneige fan since its early days in Singapore and have been using this over the years. I love its light texture, but I could never go one step up from this cream. So far, this gel cream suits me the best with its watery texture, and is the lightest texture amongst its moisturisers without scrimping on the moisture levels.

To be honest, I was planning on getting the water bank basic moisture care series for this haul, but thank goodness I didn't, because if I did, I would hate myself so much now as they only just launched a new basic moisture care line called 'Essential Balancing' - click here to see it.

Newly Launched: All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor
In South Korea, there are certain seasons with higher levels of fine dust - mainly due to pollution. They call this 미세먼지, also known to us as fine particulate matter. This is a serum type product and in Singapore, this product could be considered 'fresh' but oh well, such products are more common in Korea I guess. I decided to get it anyway to see if it's really good. Review for this product will be up on a separate post: stay tuned, coming soon!

 Lip Sleeping Mask
They consider this new, but I guess its been a couple of months since its launch already. With the success of their water bank sleeping mask, they've decided to produce a lip sleeping mask this time. Other Korean brands have lip masks, but usually to be removed after 10 mins or so, and this one says to do it overnight. I'm not sure but I have yet to use this yet. I will do a review of this separately too - stay tuned (oh well, I'll let you know when it's out, haha!)

Newly Launched: Pure Radiant Shadow - No.10 Rosebay Garden
This is seasonal for Laneige, and with summer, they've launched 2 new colour palettes and I've decided to get this Rosebay Garden because the colour pigment is more special than the other orangey one they've also launched. I think it's No.11 Tangled Tangerine, if I didn't remember it wrongly.

The colour looks great and I can't wait to try it out (yepp, I haven't). But trying it at the counter it looked really pretty so I bought it anyways. See their photo below for the Rosebay Garden.

No.8 Cashmere Coral
Photo credit: Laneige Website
Silk Intense Lipstick SR105 Blonde Coral
Pretty colour which goes into my range of Laneige Lipsticks collection! Not sure how come in my photo it looks more pinkish than coral. But it's a lovely shade after application. Here's the colour swab from Laneige:
SR105 Blond Coral
Photo Credit: Laneige Website

Serum Intense Lipstick 4 Colour Lip Palette
If you always buy Laneige stuff, this would not be new to you. Contains a sample size of YR25 Neon Orange, YR24 Twinkle Coral, LR05 Flash Pink and R17 Red Flame. This is not for sale though, it's a gift with purchase (GWP) item.

Jet Curling Mascara_EX
This mascara looks really classy, with a matt-based top and a glossy plastic finish for its body. The brush is made with a double dutch comb and the saleslady was recommending this as she says lashes can last all day with this without drooping. The mascara is also supposed to be ultra light so it doesn't add to the weight of the lashes.

Samples Galore!
I also got a couple of awesome samples, which is awesome for travel! Woohoo! Can't wait to go on my next trip!

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  1. I have the lip mask! It's pretty good! But I seldom use it because I don't like sleeping with sticky lips. And oh my, that eyeshadow palette, so chio! It's similar to one from Etude called Dried Rose or something like that.


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