Review: Laneige's New All day Anti Pollution Defensor

Review: Laneige's New All day Anti Pollution Defensor

Laneige was having a roadshow in Vivocity and I was attracted by their free gifts and what-not. Ended up spending about $300 and got a free luggage bag! Yay! Here's my Laneige haul (click here to view), but I'm reviewing this separately because this is a brand new product!

So according to Laneige, this product is part of their new-concept skincare which "reflects fine dust, makes skin clean and clear and strengthen the skin barrier".

Its main selling point
It's main selling point is how it uses the Dust Block TM technology (the principle of magnetic reflection to reflect fine dust) thus protecting the skin from harmful environments. Sounds very good, especially when the haze might be back again very soon!

On top of its main selling point, they also claim that the product makes skin cleaner and firmer, but consolidating the skin barrier. It also has sunscreen ((SPF 30 PA++)) and whitening effects, but that doesn't mean that you stop using your sunblocks and whitening lotions!

Why the need for this new product?
In South Korea, there are certain seasons with higher levels of fine dust - mainly due to pollution. They call this 미세먼지, also known to us as fine particulate matter.

In major cities nowadays, PM2.5 is common, though with varying levels in various cities. For South Korea, it can get super dusty (I was there in May last year and everyday I had to vacuum my airbnb floor) - and you'll know that your skin is under attack when you remove your makeup to find so much dirt (more than usual).

It seems to me that especially in the period from Spring to Summer, South Korea's popular cosmetic brands usually launches products that can counter or help minimise these fine dust that will 'hurt' your skin. I'm guessing that's why Laneige has launched this product recently, which I'm more than glad to purchase and try out because of Singapore's weather.

Either way, Laneige is not the first to launch such a product for fine dust counter and it'll definitely not be the last.

How to use:
In the morning, apply it on entire face at the last stage of skin care (after all your moisturisers, etc), which is prior to sunscreen step, and lightly press with finger to help absorption.

If anything, it's hard to tell if it'll really treat the skin to be 'clear and supple', but I do like the additional 'protection' it offers. Since Singapore is really humid, I also liked that it did not feel heavy or sticky on my skin, despite using their full range of products (emulsion to refiner to essence to moisturiser to the defensor and finally to makeup products).

It'll also be useful to reiterate that this is not a sunblock, but a serum that will be absorbed into your skin. Like mentioned, one of its main selling points is how the serum works in a way where it repels dust particles on your skin, and also strengthen your skin barriers. That said, with such effects, there will be a certain extent of absorption into skin.

Overall, I liked this product as it gives me the emotional benefit of feeling that my skin is less exposed to dust. But time will tell if this product is truly efficacious.

Total exposure to outside home surroundings: 14 hours

And here comes the warnings. I don't have to say this, but if you experience any red spots, swell, itchy or irritation after using, DON'T continue to use it lah. Also, best to keep it in cooling areas (not anywhere within direct sunlight). Do not use on injured, inflamed and eczema areas. 

The All day Anti Pollution Defensor is now retailing at all Laneige counters and boutiques for $50.

Beauty note: 

- My skin is combination skin (oily)

Beauty disclaimer:- Before using / testing any beauty products, I recommend you do a patch test first to find out if it suits your skin, because not every product suits every skin. :)

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