ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics launches new VIP club and new hair growth treatment services

ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics launches new VIP club and new hair growth treatment services

We were invited to ClearSK's new location launch a couple days ago. 

After 11 successful branches in Singapore, ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics (ClearSK), have launched their 12th location at Stadium Walk at Leisure Park Kallang. This launch celebrates their new direction to make its mark as Singapore's most complete medi-aesthetics solution provider for skin, body and hair. 

ClearSK is helmed by Chief Medical Advisor, Dr Shiau Ee Leng, who is also part of a medical advisory board comprising experts from across the world. 

Dr Shiau, also the tutor of NUS Medical Undergraduates, was present at the centre's launch yesterday and gave us an introductory to skin, hair and body problems that plague even the young people of society nowadays. 

Their main offerings can be broken down into the following categories, which I will briefly touch on in this post. 

Hair: Reduce hair fall and get a healthier scalp
Called the TwinLaser Hair Infusion, it's a medi-hair growth programme designed by ClearSK which encourages hair growth quickly, using laser technology and an infusion of hair growth active nutrients to stimulate hair regrowth from its roots. 

TwinLaser uses specific wavelength which kindles new hair follicle cell formation and encourage the hair cells to remain active in growth phase. This growth phase is a normal cycle of growing 1cm every month and the laser energy targets the hair roots to keep the hair growth energetic. The hair tonics used also protects and enriches the scalp, ensuring healthy and strong growth for current and new hair. 

Results can be seen from as early as the 6th treatment! Formulated in year 2016 and designed by doctors, there is no down-time for this treatment as well.
Machine reads treatment portion of scalp, down to minute details. And a count of hair number is done each time to see how treatment area has improved.
Office ladies and gentlemen would like to visit ClearSK during lunchtime for this service will also be pleased to know that the entire process (including hair washing and blowing post-treatment) would take only about 1 hour!

Skin: Get clear skin and reverse aging
Twinlift is the first twin treatment programme that targets to lift both upper and inner skin layers at one go. Originating from the USA, this treatment using a unique high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to target where skin aging begins, penetrating up to 3.5 to 4.5mm deep to stimulate new collagen within. 

This treatment is non-invasive and comfortable and has no down-time with immediate and long-lasting lifting benefits as the treatment works from the deeper layers up. 

The treatment takes about 40 mins and is best recommended to be done every four to six weeks at bi-monthly to monthly intervals. 

Body Medi-Solutions: Target stubborn fat with non-invasive techniques and see visible results quickly
TwinSculpt, Europe's top fat-freeze treatment, is now available in ClearSK. It holds the latest fat freeze technology that comes with better efficiency to deliver effective results, by means of treating 2 body parts simultaneously, instead of the usual 1 body part treatment. This shaves treatment time by half, with each treatment lasting anywhere from 45mins to 70 mins. 
Get an accurate reading of the total body fat within you, in 10 seconds!
Working ladies (or gentlemen) with tummy, flanks, thighs, back, underarms, elbows or double chin troubles can now make use of this treatment during even your lunchtime, as there is absolutely no downtime!

This treatment uses the advanced technology of cryo-therapy which fuses freezing of adipose tissues (layer of fat under the skin) in sub-zero temperatures with a vacuum suction to break down fat tissues through apoptosis (the natural process of cell death in the body which occurs daily). 

The two applicators of this machine draws fatty tissues into the handle by creating a vacuum that reduces blood flow to the adipose cells. This facilitates fat freezing and the body's natural process of fat elimination takes place through the lymphatic drainage system.
Not one, but 2 applicators so time for treatment is halved.
Results are visible from two-weeks' post treatment and is best recommended to be done every four to six weeks. 

Club ClearSK: Enjoy VIP treatment!
Once you purchase any one treatment at ClearSK, you automatically become a Club ClearSK member. What this does for you is that you will get to:
- Enjoy one free trial treatment montly
- Enjoy club benefits (use of their ClearSK lounge, get monthly privileges as well as 10% off for treatments storewide)
Stairways up to the VIP lounge~
Importantly, their treatments are clinically proven and all protocols are designed and tested by the team of medical advisors in the International Medical Aesthetics Advisory Panel (IMAP).

For more information, visit their website at www.clearsk.com.

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