Beauty Raves! Son & Park 손앤박's Beauty Water and now, the Beauty Gel

Beauty Raves! Son & Park 손앤박's Beauty Water and now, the Beauty Gel

All that raving about Son & Park’s Beauty Water has got me curious about it! These products are formulated by Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun, which explains where the brand name came from - a combination of their surnames. Now, following the success of their Beauty Water (뷰티워터, they’ve also launched a new Beauty Gel (뷰티젤) 

When two of South Korea’s top makeup artists come together to produce products that will aid makeup application, you know that it’ll be 대박 (jackpot)! Or… is it?

Well, here’s my review.


Beauty Water: There is a fine line between lazy packaging and minimalist packaging. The latter is simple, without frills, yet classy. In a clean, simplistic, minimalist frosted plastic packaging, This one feels nice in the hand, though it looks like high class bottled water. Simplistic and classy.

Beauty Gel: They go with the white coloured pump for this new product. I don’t know why, but this feels plasticky. Too plastic, unlike its frosted plastic bottled pal: the Beauty Water. Well even so, the bubbly liquid within its clear, transparent bottle has saved it from looking like a replica $2 bottle from Daiso. The pump is sensitive – as in, it’ll dispense quite a lot of product in one pump. Just in case you’d like to know.

Main Ingredients 

Beauty Water:  Damask rose water, Orange extract, Lavender water

Beauty Gel: Mineral water, Oxygen, Rose oil, Evening primrose oil

How To Use

Beauty Water: After washing your face, put some Beauty Water onto the cotton and sweep in an upward stroke across the face gently. Do not touch eyes with the product. Alternatively, some people pour some formula onto their hands and pat into the skin directly, till fully absorbed.

Beauty Water

Beauty Gel
Beauty Gel: To be used after the Beauty Water. Pump one or two pumps of formula into your hands and ‘break’ the capsule which contains collagen. The secret here is to pat, pat, pat it in! Do not apply. The bubbles you see in the liquid are the H2O bubbles. In fact, the gel contents are 87% H2O. So patting in the product is akin to hitting the oxygen into your skin directly – letting your skin breathe and renew itself to its smooth state.

What I Liked 

Beauty Water: This works as a great prep for your skin before makeup. With functions that act as a toner, it may not feel like it’s actually doing anything to your skin after application, but it gently exfoliates and then hydrates the skin, keeping it moisturized and smooth that will help in makeup application. No tightness on skin is felt after usage.

Beauty Gel: Smooth! So smooth after application. The skin feels so supple and refreshed. I loved this, especially for hot and humid weathers like in Singapore. Also, it helps in minimizing pores and helps cool down the temperature of your skin. My pores really did show signs of being smaller immediately after application, as shown below.


Beauty Water: As the liquid hits your skin, it’ll remind you of some lightly scented alcohol wipes but the smell quickly dissipates. What remains is a light but non-alcoholic scent. 

Beauty Gel: Scentless!


Beauty Water: I bought this online about a month ago, for SGD$32.90. It retails at 2 sizes: 340ml and 500ml. I could only find the 340ml size.

Beauty Gel: This was purchased directly from Sasa Malaysia when I visited Malacca over the weekend with some colleagues. When I saw that Sasa Malaysia had a whole counter dedicated to Son & Park, I knew I had to get it. Apparently, Sasa Malaysia just brought in this brand, and it is only limited to a few Sasa stores in Malaysia. So… SCORE! Also, when I visited, I realized it was the last bottle on the shelf, so yes! Double SCORE!

Son & Park in Sasa Malaysia

Unfortunately, I feel that it is extremely expensive though – you’re paying for all the shipping and counter stocking costs in Sasa. So yepp. If you want to know, I bought this for RM139 (SGD$47).

South Korea’s pharmacies sell these much cheaper!

Their Products Don't Contain...

  • Sulfates 
  • Phthalates 
  • mineral oil 
  • tar color
  • artificial dyes 
  • surface active agent 
  • talc 
  • petrolatum 
  • Triclosan 
  • BHT 
  • Benzophenone
Even so, for those who have dermatitis and eczema or wounds, please do not use these products. Also, if you don’t already know this by now, you should never put your products under direct sunlight or locations which are overly hot!

Overall, I do think that these 2 products have really hit the jackpot, at least for me. The huge takeaway for me, after using these 2 products, is how smooth and supple your skin actually gets. I loved it. These 2 products don’t break the bank and if you can, I would recommend you check out these 2 products if you haven’t already.


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