Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar: Review

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar: Review

Located at Faber Drive, this secluded Japanese restaurant gem stays well hidden within the residential areas. Its regular customers are mainly those who live around that area, those who probably own a car, as well as Japanese customers who know their food. Just to try this out, I took a short cab ride from Clementi MRT Station. 

This is a sake bar, so people who know their sakes might love to check out this place if they haven't already. We tried 2 sakes: the Dassai Junmai Daiginjou 50, and the Kamotsuru Gold Tokusei Daiginjou. 
One of the sakes.
When pouring out the Kamotsuru Gold, one might find a gold flake within their sake cup. I was one of the lucky ones. However, I'm not a sake drinker, so I didn't rejoice that much. 

My friends, on the other hand, said these sakes were really good. I have to trust them on this, so please, go have a try. We also had the Suntory Premium Draught Beer ($9), which I tried, and I thought it was pretty good as well. 

We started off with a seasonal item, Sakana Marine.
Sakana Marine ($18) - Seasonal
Their sashimi is fresh and tastes really good, and goes well with the chef's special marinade.

Sashimi Salad ($16)
Enjoy the Sashimi Salad with mixed sashimi, greens and Nori (seaweed). Wrap it up with the nori and you have all the yummy flavours bursting in your mouth in one bite. Feels like a pretty healthy option too.

 Next, we tried a bacon, prawn, cabbage omelette known as Tonpei Yaki ($13). This omelette is so good, you have to order it. The light sweetness, savoury flavours all married each other well and every mouthful was like a party in my mouth.
We also tried their steamed oysters ($20), which was very interesting, though I'm not too much an oyster fan.
We also had lovely grilled dishes like squid and japanese eel, as well as a variety of yakitori sticks. We also had the Cheese Menchi Katsu ($16), which features a homemade beef patty with mozzarella cheese stuff. Have it while it's hot, or you'll regret it when it cools!

Cheese Menchi Katsu
Surume Ika Maruyaki ($15) - Grilled squid
Unagi Kabayaki ($25) - Grilled Jap Eel
The following I'm going to introduce to you is the Wagyu Tataki ($45). This was so good, extremely tender and juicy. Seared to perfection. A definite must-try.

 Woohoo! Yakitori!
 The yakitori selection here is huge. We tried the tebasaki ($4.50, chicken wings), Bonjiri ($3, chicken tail), soroban ($3, chicken neck), tsukune ($4.50, chicken meatball) and the Japanese zucchini ($4).

 Surprisingly, the soroban (chicken neck), had left the best impression on me, out of all the yakitoris I mentioned above. It was so tender, juicy and delicious that I could just eat that all day long.

Okay, that was a bad exaggeration. All afternoon would suffice. If you're not sure what yakitori to get, please try that! Although chicken neck doesn't sound exactly appetising, I did think that it was one of the highlights of the night for me.
Japanese Zucchini
If all the above is not for you, and you're just here for traditional sushi, get their Nobiro Sushi ($50), which the chef will prepare their Nobiro Signature Sushi selections for you. Some of you might already noticed the Uni sushi staring at you. Yes. Let's eat that one.
Finally, traditional Japanese gelatos will make it a perfect ending for the whole meal.

Nobiro Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar
Location: Faber Hills, 108 Faber Dr
Hours: 6pm to 12am (Tues-Sundays, Closed on Mondays)

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