Urban Decay Review: Naked FLUSHED Palette & Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

Urban Decay Review: Naked FLUSHED Palette & Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup (Left) and Naked Flushed Palette (Right)
Recently, Sephora Singapore had a black card sale of up to 20% off! Hence, I grabbed the chance to try these urban decay lovelies out, which I had been wanting to try for some time.

First up, the Flushed Palette. There are in total 3 colours to this palette, I chose 'STREAK'. This gorgeous palette contains a bronzer, highlighter and blush. I like to blend them all together and apply it to reveal a lovely golden sheen on my skin.
 On the left, you'll see that there's a pinkish streak on my hand, that's if I use the blush on its own. The slightly golden streak beside it is if I blend in all 3 of them. The sheen is really lovely and my photos kind of didn't do it justice. :(

Next up, the Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup!
I got mine in shade 03, which fits my yellowish skin tone. This has 24 shades in total! So I'm sure you'll be easily able to find something that suits your skin tone. I liked that this product is as its name described: Weightless. And... paraben free! Woohoo!
Here's how it looks in my hand. It's a thin bottle with 30ml full of product.
Careful of how you pump it, as there's seriously alot of product that comes out from just one pump. I just pump it out and smear it over my face. The result is a slightly yellowish foundation, but that's just because it hasn't oxidised yet. It takes about 30mins to oxidise fully (I did a test on my face). And after it has oxidised, it was so natural looking with medium coverage.
The first pump.
 The photo below shows my arm, which is fully covered with just the first pump. If you can see, it shows up slightly more yellowish than the above photo.
After application
I really liked that this product as a matte finish, and is not sticky at all, even after I applied it for a couple of hours! This product is infused with Matrixyl 2000, which is an anti-wrinkle peptide), Litchiderm (for brightening) and green tea (antioxidants), as well as vitamins. The product boasts many nourishing ingredients used in it. 

Just do your usual skincare steps and then apply this product. And you're ready to go. Overall, I liked these 2 products and I'm glad I got them! :)

You can purchase these two products from all Sephora outlets or Urban Decay outlets.

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