Carol Mel Cafe: Tai Seng's hipster eats

Carol Mel Cafe: Tai Seng's hipster eats

A weekday evening and a couple of us popped by Carol Mel Cafe. A stone's throw away from Tai Seng MRT Station, this cozy cafe is a nice place to hang out with a smaller group of friends for a cuppa and affordable dishes.

 First up, starters. I liked the french onion soup, which was interestingly topped with melted mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese and toast. The toast had soaked up the flavours of the french onion soup, which made it delish indeed.

We also tried other interesting dishes like the honey glazed smoked duck carpaccio, pasta and duck confit. Their duck confit was flavourful.
Smoked duck carpaccio

Pasta which had a good bite to it.
French Confit Du Canard - a.k.a Duck Confit
We were also treated to lovely meat mains like their streak frite and lamb shank. I highly recommend the juicy and delish lamb shank. The lamb shank came with pasta and to be honest, this is good enough for 2 people to share!
Tender steak, despite looking a little cooked. But definitely tastes like a medium.

Awesome Lamb Shank served with pasta
Finally, dessert time! I have to say that the desserts here pretty much won my vote.

Here's their Signature Waffles, topped with a gelato and a myriad of berries and fruit. This is pretty good! Shall we... dig in?
But wait, let the camera have at it first!
I also loved their pretty presentation of the banana split. It was a definite must-order if you visit as the fried banana was so lovely. 

Creme Brulee!
The meal is perfect after ending it with a magic latte!

Carol Mel Cafe
Location: 1 Irving Place, #01-30 The Commerze@Irving, Singapore 369546, Singapore
Hours: 11am to 8pm (Mon-Thurs), 11am to 9pm (Fri-Sat), 9am to 4pm (Sunday)

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