Tea Chapter 茶渊: Chinese Tea Experience

Tea Chapter 茶渊: Chinese Tea Experience

Tea Chapter has been around for the longest time, and I finally got to visit for an introductory Chinese Tea workshop with my darling friends on Saturday afternoon. On the first floor, you'll see their retail shop. The tea house is on the second floor. This is where all tea sessions and workshops will be held.
Going up the stairs, you'll also feel like you're walking through their memory lane as old photos with celebrities and famous people photographed drinking their teas. In this photo, shows Queen Elizabeth ll tasting one of their signature tea (Imperial Golden Cassia, 御用黄金桂) during her visit on 10th October 1989.

You can choose to sit on the normal tables and chairs, or get to choose a Korean seating style, where you sit on low tables, atop a platorm. That's what we chose to go with. :)

 Teas galore! I feel like trying every one of them.
There's so many types of teapots to use for Chinese tea appreciation, and some of them include the Purple Sand Clay Teapot (紫砂壶, Zi Sha Hu), Cinnabar Teapot (朱砂壶, Zhu Sha Hu), Fortified Clay Teapot (鍛泥壺, Duan Ni Hu). Purple Sand Teapots are the most popular as they are termed the best teapots in capturing the essence and fragrance of the tea leaves.
We took up the tea appreciation package ($35+ per person), it included the sampling of 2 teas: the Imperial Golden Cassia tea 御用黄金桂 (the one which Queen Elizabeth II had), and Jasmine Pearls 茉莉珍珠, as well as a taste of their tea leaf eggs 茶叶蛋 and tea cookies.
Note: Did you know that there were 6 'colours' of tea? They are, in order, the green, white, yellow, turqoise, red and black. Outside of these 6 colours, you have floral tea! :)
We were taught how to correctly retrieve teas from the packet so we don't 'hurt' / damage the tea leaves.
As well as how to hold the teapot while pouring, and the timing for steeping the tea.

The ready tea was then poured into a tasting cup and we were taught how to appreciate the brew. It was a really refreshing experience and I learnt so much about tea in just one session! As a tea lover, I can tell you that I will definitely back to learn more in depth about this art.
 Their tea leaf eggs were also very flavourful, so good. A must-try, if you just come here for a tea session with your friends.
 Their cookies are also awesome! Goes really awesome with the tea.
Can't resist a happy selfie with my tea leaf egg, which I unravelled myself. If you notice, tea leaf eggs are supposed to have some sort of marbling on them, but theirs is totally brownish! Which can also mean the tea flavours are totally infused in the egg!

It was a really fun experience with good company, and I highly recommend you stop by if you are a tea aficionado! Visit their website for more information on business hours and workshop details. :)

Tea Chapter 茶渊 
Address: 9 & 11 Neil Road, Singapore 088808
Website: http://teachapter.com/

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