Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe launches a new menu!

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe launches a new menu!

If you remember, early last year, I visited Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe for a meal. This round, I'm back here again as they have launched a new menu!

The cafe still remains well visited, so it would be good for you to call and check for seats first before you visit. 

Stir-fry Fish Maw, Crab Meat & Bean Sprouts ($18) 
An interesting mix, this could go well with rice. Enjoy when its just served. Once it turns cold, it loses its taste.

Fish Maw Crab Meat Abalone Soup in Coconut ($28) 
I loved this soup. this was not overly starchy or thick, and the abalone had a nice texture to it. Fish maw was done nicely, everything fitted well. But you could do well to share this with 3 people as this is a filling item. Surprisingly, the coconut taste was distinct even with the rest of the heavier tasting items. Overall, this was really nice.

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad (Seasonal Price) 
The fish was so good, deep fried but doesn't taste super oily, the fish meat was tender and yet fragrant. Loved this.

Visitors to Spicy Thai-Thai will also get to enjoy new seafood delicacies like BBQ Japanese Squid with Roe (Seasonal Price), Thai Style Curry Crab (Seasonal Price) and Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice (usual single person portion is $6). 

We liked the Thai Style Curry Crab's sauce, and we polished off the plates. The Tom Yum seafood fried rice will also come in a 'heart' shape if you order the big version of it! Very interesting! However, while the tom yum fried rice tasted good, I felt that the Tom Yum taste could have been stronger. 

Stir Fry Basil, Minced Chicken & Long Beans ($10) 
I liked this, but not one of my table favourites when pitted against the rest, which were special in their own right. 

Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce ($10)
This dish was interesting, and instead of coating it with the usual deep fry batter, they used egg instead. Dip in the sauce to complete the entire crispy, tangy taste experience.

BBQ Pork Belly ($18) 
Remember how I previously had the Pork Neck? This time, cooked in the same style, but it's Pork Belly!!! Omg. Look at that lovely sheen of oil glistening on the meat. This is a must-have for meat lovers, and for those who understand that having fat in meat is awesome!

We also enjoyed the usual table favourites: Hommok (Thai Style Otak) and ($18), Lala Bee Hoon ($18). It was still good, so it would still be one of my recommendations when you visit!

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe
Address: 115 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35, Singapore 380115 
Tel: +65-6747-8558
Hours: 11:00 am - 12:00 am (Mon-Sun)

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