The Populus Coffee & Food Co.: Review

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.: Review

Warm lights fill the cafe space. The cafe is narrow and comfortable for small groups.
Outram Park



Good For:
Small Groups / Friends / Solo / Takeaway (for drinks)

Approx. 2-4 minutes walk from Outram Park Exit G or H.

I visited this cafe twice. First time, I was seated near the window, on a high stool. Water is served to every table.
Had the black coffee. I liked it, but it was slightly acidic for me. 
The cafe latte ($5.50). This was smooth, but not my idea of a 'favourite coffee'.
Cafe Mocha ($6). Mocha was not delicious as it had lacked the chocolatey oomph. What good is a mocha without its chocolate taste? This did not work for my friend (she ordered this).
Populus Scramble ($17), one of their signature food items. This was taken during my first visit. The presentation of the dish looks awesome, with the scrambled eggs and bacon burying the toasted croissant. I have to say that the croissant was slightly 'wet' and not crispy with this presentation.
This photo was taken during my second visit, where I told them to separate the eggs and croissant. My friend loved this dish. I liked it better too, when it is separated as the buttery croissants were fluffy and crispy, a real delight.
Buckwheat Pancakes ($18) - These were presented in a hot pan, and took about 20 minutes to serve as the pancakes were freshly made (from your order, they will start making this and baking this, yes, from powder!) The pancakes were topped with strawberries, blueberries, raspberry sauce and some butter. A little honey was served on the side.
The wait was worth it. The pancakes were so fluffy and the entire thing put together was so delicious! Definitely made the list to my favourite pancake list.
Overall, I liked the food better than the coffee, and I think that will really work well for them - if their patrons are mostly brunch lovers. I will definitely be back to have the pancakes again, and probably the desserts, as I hear that's really nice!

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.
Location: 146 Neil Rd, Singapore 088875
Tel: +65 6635 8420
Website: http://thepopuluscafe.com/

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