Spider Glow Facial by Expressions: Review

Spider Glow Facial by Expressions: Review

When I first heard about the Spider Gold Facial, I was worried if it actually involved the secretion of real spiders to be applied on the face. But after I learnt more about it on the Expressions website, I was really excited to try it out!

So I visited Expressions one day, after a tiring day at work where my skin is not in its optimal state. I was made to sit while the therapist helped me check my skin condition, to understand how to better customise the spider gold facial according to my skin conditions to ensure optimal results.
My therapist shared how my skin was oily on the t-zone mainly, but the inside was dehydrated. I was then led to a simple facial room and made to change into a robe.

 My therapist gently removed my makeup as she shared some beauty tips with me, followed by exfoliation of skin. She made very sure that my skin was clean before we began.

Well, the main point of this whole facial is to get that instant skin lifting, anti-aging and whitening effect on the skin!

So... introducing the star products which are used in this facial:

Spider Web Golden Lifting Serum
This product helps to minimise pores, refines and lightens acne scars, increase skin elasticity, improves blood circulation, smoothens fine lines & wrinkles, as well as reduces and lightens pigmentation and age spots.

As you know, I used to have freckles, until I lasered them off. So this facial would help me upkeep and delay the day which my freckles might return! (Dear Freckles, please keep away from me!)

I also used the specially formulated spider web mask, which my therapist fit snugly on my face before topping it with gold essence. The 10 amino acids within help to nourish skin and strengthen skin elasticity while the serine enzyme encourages the build-up of collagen, thus boosting the regeneration of skin cells.

Spider Web Golden Repair Beady Cream
This works as an ampoule type product, applied to let the product enter the inner layers of your skin. Usually, they would use 1 whole ampoule for the whole face for this treatment!
The products in the Spider Web series basically work on the collagen synthesis effect, which uses natural amino acids to encourage building of collagen and speeding up the wound-healing process. That leads to skin renewal, speeding up skin growth, which is required for all ladies above 28 years old, since our skin starts to slow the skin renewal process as we age.

Here's my before (with makeup!):

Here's the after (completely no makeup!):
Can you see the difference? My skin looks so much brighter, even without makeup! Like I dropped 2 skintones! I met a friend after the facial and she asked how come I looked so much fairer. Of course, I told her I just did the Spider Gold Expressions Facial. Also, there was some v-shape lifting effect visible after the treatment, so I guess that's a yay!

The facial takes about 1.5hours to complete.

The facial was overall relaxing and the products actually smelled great! I really liked this facial, and I was pleasantly surprised at the whitening effect of my skin at the end of it! My skin felt softer and more smooth after that too. :)

For more information on this facial, visit Expressions' website or contact them here at the various Expressions Branches.

I did mine at the Orchard branch at Regency House. Appointments are recommended.

Expressions @ Orchard
Location: 121 Penang Road #01-02 Regency House, Singapore 238464
Tel: +65-6235-9890
Hours: 10:30 am - 8:30 pm (Mon - Fri), 10:00 am - 5:30 pm (Sat - Sun)
Website: http://www.expressions.com.sg/

This post is published in collaboration with Expressions.

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