Kungjeon Bakery (궁전제과 충장본점), Gwangju: Review

Kungjeon Bakery (궁전제과 충장본점), Gwangju: Review

When in Gwangju, eat food! Specifically, from a bakery with more than 40 years experience! With a shop that is still very popular amongst the locals even after so many years, there must be a secret to their breads.

Not to put you in suspense, but I don't know what it is. Nevertheless, here are my purchases, and my review of this bakery!
Along our way to the bakery!
According to their website, it seems like there are more than 200 types of bread and 60 kinds of cakes available. But of course, I guess they do it on a rotation basis, because their bakery sure doesn't seem like it can accomodate that many types at one go.
The bakery has 2 levels, the second level are for dine-ins. We only frequented the first floor as we were just buying to-go.

Many pretty cakes displayed were for sale and they also had a corner where they sold chocolates. Unfortunately, it was too crowded for me to really have a good look at the chocolates, so I just took a snap shot from a distance. 

Culture Complex Station

South Korea, Gwangju


Good For:
Small Groups / Friends / Solo / Takeaway

Approx 3-5 min walk from Culture Complex Station (Gwangju Subway Line 1)

We tried the dragon egg bread (공룡알, 2500won) and the butterfly pie (나비파이, 2200won) which are their must-haves! 
We felt that the dragon egg bread was too eggy though, so if you like egg-filled bread with a deep, radiating egg flavour, this would be perfect for you.
My friend 'trying on' the butterfly pie
For the butterfly pie, it was sweet, thin, crispy and fluffy at the same time, and the subtle sweetness to this was so good, it was like sunshine on a cold morning. Well, thanks to my awesome jacket, too.

We also liked the Nurungiji 'bread' (누룽지, 2000won), which is like a toasted flatbread, a slightly roasted taste. To be exact, parched rice! 
Tried this when I was in the cab, on the way to the museum
Totally benefiting of its name because it really feels as thin as paper, retaining its crispiness so well (despite me only having this the next morning!). Why are all their awesome breads crispy?! This was really addictive and it was one that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

On the side, the shrimp bread was strong in smell and the ham-cheese baguette (햄 치즈 바게트, 3500won) was on the average tasting side. It was also the most expensive out of all the breads we bought!
Shrimp bread
You may or may not like the shrimp bread (나는 새우다, 2800won), it all depends on how much you like shrimp. If you know how to read Korean, you'll also know that the name of the bread literally translates to 'I'm Shrimp'. Lol! So cute.
Ham-cheese baguette
It seemed that the bakery was always constantly packed, as we went back twice within 2 hours and it was still as crowded!  
Within that time of absence, I noticed the Gonggibang (공기빵, 1500won) was also sold out, which made me really sad, because I wanted to try that so bad. Gonggibang is kinda a chinese-origin baked bread that it airy and fluffy, when you bite into it, you taste the exterior. It is associated with being Chinese for some reason, and is also highly available at Incheon Chinatown, if you must have it. The interior is hollow - filled with air, hence the name Gongibang (air bread). I don't know why they just translated it to 'Chinese bread' in English, when 'Air Bread' just makes so much more sense.
Seemed like that is also one of the top sellers in the shop, hence please get your hands on one of those to try if you ever visit.
Recommended items: Nurungji bread, butterfly pie, dragon bread (for me, because I liked the eggy combination, while my friends did not).

Kungjeon Bakery (궁전제과 충장본점)
Location: 1-9 Chungjangno 1(il)-ga, Dong-gu, Gwangju, South Korea
Location (in Korean): 광주 동구 충장로 93-6
Website (Korean only): http://www.kungjeun.co.kr/

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