Burp Kitchen & Bar: Chilling Out in Bedok

Burp Kitchen & Bar: Chilling Out in Bedok

Burp Kitchen & Bar? That sounds filling already. When I heard that they are located in the East, I was even more excited, because the east side is my 'hood. Less than 5 months old, their bistro is situated at a quiet corner of a bustling area (nearer to Bedok Reservoir), well known to residents around who probably shops at the nearby Sheng Siong supermarket.

The host shared that being in a neighbourhood area, they also do not believe in charging for GST and service charge. That's definitely a plus point for me. :)




Good For:
Small Groups / Takeaway / Solo

Approx. 40 mins by bus from Bedok MRT Station (Best if you drive)

Chicken Quesadilla ($9)
My first thought - this tastes healthy! Okay, minus the cheese. I liked this, crispy, and goes well with the slow cooked pulled chicken that's sealed within the tortilla wrap with melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Goes well with the pairing sauce.

Burp Kitchen Wings  ($10)
Yums. These wings were coated with their homemade special Adobo sauce (literally means sauce twice in Spanish/Tagalog). Well, they sure knew what to put on the table. Who doesn't like wings? If you don't, well actually there's also drumsticks in this dish. This was tasty - and airfried to make it healthier. Thumbs up.

Salted Egg Wings  ($14)
With the salted egg yolk craze that is hitting the Singaporean food world, it is little wonder this eatery is doing the same. But at least they do it nicely. I liked their salted egg yolk sauce, which carries a hint of spiciness from the chilli padi. As mentioned, all wings here are airfried to make it more healthy for diners. So this is naturally another thumbs up for me.

Salted Egg Tofu Fries ($8)
This one also had the same salted egg yolk sauce, but I didn't like this texture of the tofu. It was really just fried tofu sticks, but a healthier twist to fries. I mean, I liked it, but I thought the texture of the tofu could be more chewy, instead of the full hard-on tofu type fries.

Crabby Patty ($18)
This was one of my favourite dishes of the night. I was expecting Spongebob to serve up this dish, but I was disappointed in that area. I would also like to remark that the chef looked nothing like spongebob at all. (Lighten up people, you understand jokes, right?) Anyway, the 'crabby patty' was battered soft shell crab, which retained its crispiness through our photo taking. I loved the total combination of the crisp and the juices (which merged nicely with the salted egg yolk sauce omgee!) and the sauce and the squid ink bun. I would order this again.

Burp's Beef ($16)
The beef patty was good. Marinated in-house as well. What's interesting about this was that instead of lettuce, they used dou miao, which had a stronger taste, thus giving their burger a unique edge.
They tried to balance out the taste with spicy mayo as well, perhaps to lessen the harshness of the strong dou miao and I thought it paired pretty well overall.

Pork Carnitas Tacos ($12)
Tacos, tacos, tacos. This tacos is made to be quite authentic because of their softer taco shell, instead of the hard, crispy ones which I'm used to. While I was thinking, "why go soft?" but my tastebuds convinced me otherwise.
The fillings do go better with the authentic styled soft 'shell'. Filled with pulled pork and topped with apple slaw & spicy maco, the combination was flavourful. Comes with a small potato dish, which my friend liked.

Baja Fish ($12)
Pronounced "Ba-ha", this dish has some Spanish roots. Like the Pork Canitas Tacos, they also have the apple slaw and spicy mayo as its topping.
We liked the fish as it was so tender while the outer layer was just nice. Most liked this dish, though my preference is still with the Pork Canitas.

Well, one of my favourite points about this place is that they are unpretentious and they try to make it a little more healthy and unique for their diners, which explains why most of their sauces or certain dishes are painstakingly homemade.

Burp also has brunch items from Tuesdays to Sundays, from opening till 4pm. Some of these include the usual egg brunch favourites from pancakes, waffles to burgers, bagels and even breakfast tacos!

Would I return? : Yes. I most probably would.

Burp Kitchen & Bar
Location: #01-3165, 740 Bedok Reservoir Rd, Singapore 470740
Tel: 9711 9030

This tasting was an invited session hosted by Burp Kitchen & Bar, and Openrice Singapore

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