Scinn Medical Centre by Mary Chia (BBL broadband light treatment review)

Scinn Medical Centre by Mary Chia (BBL broadband light treatment review)

First blog post of 2016, and I'm happy to share this with you!
A brand new year brings about renewed skin. It took a while but good things that need to be shared should still be shared no matter how long it takes. I was offered to undergo their BBL broadband light treatment and I am glad I took it!

Previously, I had attended Scinn Medical Centre's official opening and was introduced to a live demonstration of their star facial: Ultherapy®, which is a non-invasive procedure meant to help lift and tighten skin naturally. 

I did not manage to get a good photo because it was too crowded, but I saw that the lady's skin was instantly lifted and her double chin became smaller!

This process can last about 1 - 3 years, depending on your age. Yes - means you don't have to do it so often. This process can only be performed by a licensed doctor, so you are in pretty safe hands.

Managed to get photos of the food served during the opening, though:

About the centre:
Scinn Medical Centre (Scinn) provides a 360 degree experience through bespoke medical aesthetic solutions for face and body. The centre is home to many ground-breaking FDA-approved technologies and treatment equipment. Clients can have access to a wide range of treatments, combining medical expertise and supervision for a more holistic lifestyle.
They are also under the umbrella for the Mary Chia group.

Was led to this room for my treatment.

The BBL broadband light treatment aims to lighten freckles, pigmentation, help with hair removal and reduce sebum. Which was exactly what I needed, because I have cute freckles to prove for it.

A photo of my cheeks (before) - see all those brown spots, those are my cute freckles:

First up, they will remove your makeup for you, then prep your face with a cooling gel. One thing I always do at facials, is to tell them that I am wearing contact lens. So they will be more careful with the areas around your eyes. Of course, if you can remove your contact lens, that would be optimal.

The doctor then came in and gave me a quick consultation. Same thing as the Ultherapy® treatment, the BBL treatment should also be handled by an authorised medical doctor at Scinn.

The doctor who performed the session for me was Dr Loo Han Woen. The number of sessions and continuation for each person differs, based on their skin condition and concerns. So just check with the doctor during the consultation process.

Time for the treatment, but no photos, as the light is very bright!

After the treatment, they applied a ginseng mask for me, which helps with moisturising, anti-aging and brightening.
After removal of the mask, I did immediately see dark spots on my skin where the freckles used to be. I was advised to take care of those areas carefully. The dark spots are scabs, which are formed as the freckles have been 'burnt' away. Once the scabs fall off (and it will, naturally), your sun spots / pigmentation will be lighter. This, however, is not a permanent process. But it will last some time anyway.

Day 2 after the treatment: Still with scabs

Day 4: Some scabs have fallen off, but dark spots (scabs) still clearly visible.

Day 6: Most of the scabs have fallen off! The treatment managed to get rid of my dark spots.

Day 8: All gone! Woohoo!

Taking care of the skin after the treatment is also crucial, as your skin will feel a little more dry and sensitive. Hence it's better to have a moisturising and soothing cream, and slap on more sunscreen!

Here's the products I relied on so much during the ' scab-skin days'.
1. DermaGold's Hydra Recovery Gel (which contains Aloe Vera, a soothing element)
2. Dr. Benjamin Yim's Sunscreen (SPF 50) (light and non-sticky)

My face without freckles are so clear! Awesome! Here's a photo I took while cruising.

- Works well but you also have to take care of it well after the treatment. They will teach you how.
- During the process, there is a slight painful sensation, especially when it targets your pigmentation areas. But the pain is very bearable and quick to come and go.
- You might smell some burnt smell as the machine goes over your face, that is the smell of the oil being burnt away from your face. This gives it clearer pores and less sebum secretion.
- My skin is really clearer, and it did give me clear skin. Although I don't feel much difference with the sebum reduction, but I do have cleaner pores.
- I did like the treatment, which took an overall 1 hour (including consultation and completion)

Scinn Medical Centre
Location: 391B Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower B #05-22
Tel: +65 6235 8066
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm (Mon-Fri), 11am - 7pm (Sat), Sun & Public Holidays (Closed)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/scinnsg
Instagram: @scinnsg  (Official hashtag: #scinnsg )

Beauty note: 
- My skin is combination skin (oily)

Beauty disclaimer:
- Be sure to disclose your skin conditions fully, as this will help the staff understand your skin better and make better judgement about what suits your skin the best. 

- After any treatment, be sure to find out (and keep to) the methods which they have recommended to maintain your achieved look.

This post is a brand collaboration with Scinn.

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