Kok Sen Restaurant 国成球记餐室: Zi Char FTW!

Kok Sen Restaurant 国成球记餐室: Zi Char FTW!

Yay! We are at Kok Sen Restaurant (国成球记餐室),known for its Zi Char (or Tze Char).

Zi Char FTW! I love love love Zi char.

The surroundings are humble, not that spacious in my opinion and we even shared the table with 2 other people, but I guess that's fine.




Good For:
Big Groups / Small Groups 
/ Takeaway

Approx. 3-4 minutes walk from Outram MRT Station (Exit H)

Lime juice with plum. We ordered this with their recommendation. I loved this thirst quencher! Sorry I didn't get the price, but this should be affordable anyway. Great for the sweltering heat!

Prawn paste chicken 虾酱鸡 ($12, $24) - We of course got the $12 version, as there was just 2 of us. The portion is huge! But would be just nice for sharing between 4 people, unless you have a huge appetite, in that case, share amongst 3 people.
Remember to squeeze the lime over the chicken before starting to eat. The lime gives it a nice zing which adds to the tender, succulent flavour of the dish.

Big Prawns Hor Fun 大虾滑蛋河粉 ($16, $32, $48) - Like its name (in Chinese), this dish is really smooth! Alas, it did not seem eggy, but the flavour was pretty good and I enjoyed the sauce. The prawns were big, but not many (just 3 prawns). It did feel a little MSG-y, if you know what I mean.

Fish Head Soup 鱼头汤 ($6, $12 $18) - I wanted to order the sliced fish soup (because I really don't like dealing with bones in the fish head), but ordered too quickly so I ended up with the fish head soup. The fish was really delicious and tender. I enjoyed the soup (though it also tasted a little MSG-y). The fish really did it for me, and I suggest you get the sliced fish version (check with them and make sure there are no bones), especially if you are visiting with children. There are really alot of bones in this one!

Overall, the prices here are slightly on the higher end for Zi Char places, but I did like the food here which was flavourful. Also I suggest you come here with more people so you can try more food, because they do have other signature dishes that seems like a must-try! :)

Kok Sen Restaurant 国成球记餐室
Address: 30 Keong Saik Rd, 089137
Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30am – 2:30pm, 5:00 – 11:00pm

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