Iope Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent: Review

Iope Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent: Review

Yay! Today I'm going to introduce one of my beauty purchases from my recent Korea trip. 

My K-beauty people, I'm sure you know what is Aritaum. In fact, I can never leave Aritaum without fishing out my credit card. And in my second visit to the store, I walk away with the Iope Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent. 

I understand from the Aritaum staff that this product is popular, and after testing it out in the store, I fell in love with it. 

Iope 아이오페 

Product Name: 
Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent 슈퍼바아탈  크림 바이오 엑실런스 

Skincare, Moisturiser



Where to buy:
South Korea (Aritaum)

Each box comes with a small spatula, the 50ml cream and an instruction booklet. 

Note: There is another version, with 'Rich' written below 'Bio Excellent'. I did not get that. This version is the lighter version, just note, because they are different!

This is an anti-aging cream (yes, I need this line already, CRY).

The skin gets drier and looser when you get, erm, older. This cream mainly targets these 2 areas with their Bio-seletinoid formula, which is a new bio ingredient developed by bio science research for more than 10 years.

Their solid packaging is a lovely gold shade.
This formula has also been certified to have whitening and wrinkle improvements. As you know, anti-aging skincare products are usually richer (aka oily for me), but my skin cannot take rich products, so how?
That's why I love this product, because of its light-weight watery gel texture, which does not compromise on the moisture portion.

How to apply the cream?
1. If you have the serum and eye cream, apply them first, then get a coin sized amount of this product and spread it evenly on the forehead, cheeks and chin.
2. Slightly pat the skin's surface for the residue on the surface for enhanced absorption and elasticity.

Remember, don't use too much of it, just a coin sized amount will do!

Special care application (images taken from Iope Korea's website):
(Start from top left image) 
1. Apply on the face in the order of nostrils, skin around the mouth and chin in an upward motion to promote blood circulation of skin.
2. With the second knuckle of a clenched hand, massage the face starting from the center of the forehead, working outward in a circular motion to promote circulation.
3. Pinch skin along the facial line starting from the center of the chin to strengthen the muscle of the chin.
4. With the remaining amount, apply on the next in an upward sweeping motion toward both sides of the neck.

 Before application:

Applying the cream:

After application:

In summary, I love this cream from Iope!  I usually don't get rich creams from Korea, due to their weather being very dry, hence their products are formulated to suit their country's weather. 

Hence, with this lighter version, I do think that this non-fragrance added product suits my skin type as it was able to absorb quickly and does not feel like there's an oily film over my face after application. Plus, my face does feel more moisturised after applying the cream. So, this is an awesome buy for me!

Beauty note: 
- My skin is combination skin (oily)

Beauty disclaimer:
- Before using / testing any beauty products, I recommend you do a patch test first to find out if it suits your skin, because not every product suits every skin. :)

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