House of Rice Roll & Porridge 粥肠粉之家

House of Rice Roll & Porridge 粥肠粉之家

I remember visiting this place back in year 2010, frequenting this eatery when I worked nearby. So I'm back here again after 6 years! 




Good For:
Big Groups / Small Groups / Takeaway

Approx. 5-7mins walk from Somerset MRT Station

Thai Coconut 泰国椰子 ($4.50)
The coconut tasted really good and the drink was refreshing! There was not much flesh within the coconut though.

Frog Leg Porridge 砂锅田鸡粥 ($8.90)
Porridge was done just the way we liked it, in fact, most cantonese would like the porridge here as it is so fine and thick. To me, while I liked it, but I thought there was not enough frog leg meat within the porridge. Personally, I felt that the porridge would be better slightly less thick, yet still fine, but this would do too. I didn't even have to add in pepper or soy sauce to season the taste, because the porridge was already flavourful on its own.

Fruit Prawn Roll Snack 水果虾枣点心 ($6.50)
This does not look anything like a roll, right? Rather, it's a quarter of a deep fried ball, sliced. Packed with juicy mango bits that took up half the roll, it was also packed with prawn, all tucked nicely within the 'roll'. I really like this as the outer layer was still crispy after my photo taking.

Durian Chee Cheong Fun 榴莲肠粉 ($5.50)
This is definitely something you would take for a dessert - chilled and stuffed with durian, this signature dish would please durian lovers. Though not heavily fragrant, the durian dessert didn't disappoint. It's definitely a dish I would come back for again.

Overall, the store still kept its standard in porridge, and as I remember it, the hot chee cheong fun is awesome too! So give it a try and let me know if you feel the same way!

House of Rice Roll & Porridge 粥肠粉之家
Address: 89 Killiney Road Singapore 239534
Operating Hours: Daily, 7am - 10pm

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