Bobbi Brown's Burnt Red Lipstick: Review

Bobbi Brown's Burnt Red Lipstick: Review

Bobbi Brown 바비 브라운

Product Name: 
Bobbi Brown Lip Colour 바비 브라운 립칼라

Cosmetics, Lipstick

Burnt Red 번트 레드



Where to buy:
Department stores / Bobbi Brown Counters. I got mine from Tangs Harbourfront.

Here's the colour under dimmer-than-usual lights. A pretty sexy shade of red.
If you have dry lips, this might be something you wish to take note for this product. Application of the lipstick will not be smooth unless you sufficiently moisturise your lips with some balm (apply, not spam) first. This lipstick is not the moist type, and will give you a matt-ish look, which I like.
Tried it with some black specs as well. I think it's a nice colour for those who wears dark framed specs, as it adds a nice brightness to the face. :)
This lipstick goes well with earthy type eyeshadow colours, and works well if your makeup above the face is not very overwhelming.

Overall, the shade of this lipstick is really lovely and I really liked it. Still, this is a lipstick which is not long lasting and falls off easy, hence reapplication would definitely be required. 

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