Gwangju's Famous Cheongwonmomil (청원모밀): Since 1960

Gwangju's Famous Cheongwonmomil (청원모밀): Since 1960

When in Gwangju, eat where the locals choose to eat. Ask any Gwangju taxi driver, they know where Cheongwonmomil (청원모밀) is located.

This eatery has been serving buckwheat noodle soup since 1960.

Cheongwonmomil has a few branches, and I visited the one near the Geumnamno 4-ga station since it was kinda near Kungjeon Bakery (궁전제과 충장본점).

We tried 3 items: 모밀국수 (buckwheat noodle soup) 마른모밀 (Dried buckwheat noodle) and 왕만두 ('king' sized dumplings), which is a seasonal delicacy.

The 'king' sized dumplings are stuffed with vegetables, though it doesn't look attractive, but its sheer size is just cute to photograph. The dumplings are surprisingly tasty and we enjoyed every bite of it.

As for the buckwheat noodles soup, it is served warm and is really comforting to have during cold weather. The soup broth is delicious and tastes healthy too.

The dried noodles version is more refreshing, especially when eaten with kkaduki (radish kimchi).

The dishes here are affordable, at 5000 won each for the above dishes I ordered. Will definitely come back here again.

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Cheongwonmomil (청원모밀) 1960
Address: 31-7, Chungjangno 3-ga, Dong-gu, Gwangju
Korean address: 광주광역시 동구 충장로3가 31-7
Tel: 062-222-2210
Operating Hours: 10am - 8.30pm

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