April BoriBap 사월에보리밥

April BoriBap 사월에보리밥

I was waiting to board the train to Naju at Yongsan station, and had about 1 hour to waste. I did not want to just sit around, and I thought I better have a proper meal before starting a 4-hour train ride. Hence, I was just walking around the station before I noticed April BoriBap (aka Sawol e bori bap). 
Surroundings. Clean and bright. It was almost empty as I went early, about 11.30am.
 The restaurant was almost empty as I was early, took my seat near the entrance as it was only 11.30am. But shortly, the restaurant got busy once it hit 11.45am. Most diners were office workers, who probably worked around the area.

Lone diners would proceed to the inner hall, so they don't have to be near the entrance. But I was cool with being alone, so I just took my seat near the entrance. It was easier for me to manage as well, because I had my luggage with me.
Open the side of the table to reveal the chopsticks, spoons and tissue paper.

Yongsan, Seoul

South Korea


Good For: 
Small Groups / Friends / Solo 

Approx. 3 minutes walk from Yongsan Station (용산역)

A lady pushes a trolley over, containing my meal and the horde of side dishes.
 Most of them were vegetables, no meat. Yet, they were flavourful.
 A simple and tasty doenjang jjigae (된장찌개, fermented bean paste stew) which came with the meal. Doenjang-jjigae, is mainly made with the main ingredient - fermented bean paste (doenjang) - as well as tofu and vegetables.
 I ordered the Barley Rice Set Meal (8,500 won, 보리밥정식).
It came together with a heap of various cooked vegetables and barley rice.
 Put in all the red paste and the vegetables on the rice and mix well.
There you have it. It's a flavourful and healthy meal as it is mostly made up of vegetables. Mostly cooked with fermented bean paste (doenjang) as well, the flavour leans toward the saltier end.
If you eat this and also drink the fermented bean paste stew, it is a perfect marriage between the two, resulting in great taste.

April BoriBap 사월에보리밥 (Lit. Barley Rice in April) - Yongsan Branch
English address: 55, Hangang-daero 23-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Hyundai I'Park Mall, Level 4
Korean address: 서울 용산구 한강대로 23길 55 아이파크 전문식당가 4층
Tel: (02) 2012-0459
Website: http://aprilboribab.com/

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