Andong Zzimdak 안동찜닭 (Singapore)

Andong Zzimdak 안동찜닭 (Singapore)

Andong Zzimdak is here in Singapore! Frequent travellers to South Korea would have heard or even tried this popular spicy chicken dish, hence, Zzimdak lovers, bask in excitement!
Brought to you by the same team who brought the popular Yoogane to Singapore, they are determined to bring the original taste of Korea to the little red dot. Great for us!

Andong Zzimdak is also literally translated to Andong's Braised Chicken. They usually braise the chicken pieces (which are its star ingredient) with other vegetables, like potato, noodles, onion, ginger and carrot, marinated in ganjang sauce (Korean fermented soy sauce). It will result in a tender tasting chicken which will also carry the spiciness that comes with the sauce. 

Raffles Place / City Hall



Good For:
Small Groups / Friends / Solo 

Approx. 2 minutes walk from City Hall MRT Station

Must-try banchan (side dishes) - Danmuji and Kimchi
When you eat the chicken, don't forget to eat it with the danmuji  (aka 단무지, yellow pickled radish). This radish is usually served with chicken dishes as they complement each other.

Hot drinks are served in a simple andong zzimdak cup. 

We tried the both hot and cold version of the Korean citron tea. Very comforting!
Try out some of their side dishes as well! I thought the most interesting one was the mini seafood pancakes.
Chicken Karaage ($9.90) 치킨

Mini Seafood Pancake ($9.90) 미니해물전
Spicy Dokboki / Spicy Rice Cake ($9.90) 매운 떡볶이

We ordered one large sized boneless jjimdak (because we are lazy to eat with bones, haha) and another large seafood jjimdak as well.

Prices for the jjimdak can range from SGD$45.90 to $65.90, depending on what you order as well as the size. The medium sized plates can feed about 2-3 pax, whereas the large plate can feed 3-4 people.
Boneless jjimdak 뼈없는 찜닭 (left) and seafood jjimdak 해물찜닭  (right)
The plate is huge!

Each jjimdak plate is served with a pair of scissors, so you can cut up the thick and chewy sweet potato noodles that is buried under a generous serving of chicken pieces.
I love these noodles. Chewy and tasty after being cooked together with the spicy ganjang (Korean soy sauce)-based sauce.  Yums!
Most Singaporeans can take the spice, so go for it! If you really can't, you can ask the staff to tune down the spiciness level for you. Those who haven't tried it, you probably should, because this would probably be the closest thing you can get to the ones in South Korea.

Andong Zzimdak 안동찜닭
Location: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-44F Raffles City Shopping Centre
Website: https://www.facebook.com/AndongZzimdak/
Tel: +65-6533-3951
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10pm (Mon-Sun)

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