Yomeishu, the wine which preserves life

Yomeishu, the wine which preserves life

Yomeishu, also known as Yang Ming Jiu or 养名酒, literally means 'wine that preserves life'. First produced in Japan in year 1602 (yes, it's been 413 years and still going strong!), the drink is popular among people who seek better health.

The wine is manufactured by soaking medicinal herbs in a sweet and mellow wine base. There are 14 main herbs that go into the Yomeishu concoction. The process of soaking these herbs within the wine will release the herb's curative actions.

The wine is made at the Komagane Plane in Komagane City, Nagano Prefecture. The climate of this region is blessed with clean air and water, making it the best location for producing the Yomeishu effects which it is required for.

What are the benefits of the wine?
Mainly, the wine encourages a good boost to blood circulation, which is an important part of your body's overall function and health.

Why is boosting blood circulation important? 
To understand why boosting your blood circulation is important, you should also understand how your body functions. Your heart pumps blood through blood vessels in your circulation system. The red blood cells will carry oxygen to your body's vital oxygen, providing vitality and energy. When your circulation system and vital organs are able to work hand-in-hand, this means you will have sufficient blood flow. People are seeing an increase in many conditions which contributes to the decrease of blood circulation, such as diabetes - which affects even young people in our society today (mostly due to poor eating habits!).

Why should I consider taking Yomeishu?
As you know, the efficacy of the wine lies in its ability to help boost blood circulation. When this happens, it helps to increase blood flow within the body and helps promote cell growth and organ function. Even your skin (yes, girls!) also will reap benefits from it, as it is better able to fight off bacteria and infection.

Once opened, you don't have to rush to finish it. Drink sparingly till the whole bottle is gone! There is no time limit and remember, you are not in a competition so don't have to rush through it!

To best preserve the wine, always cap the bottle tightly and avoid direct sunlight, as per all other alcohols.

How to take Yomeishu?
Adults can take about 20ml, 3 times daily, before meals and/or at bedtime. There are markings on the cup (which comes with the wine bottle) which will help you determine the required amount to drink.

Can you increase or decrease the dosage? 
It depends on your body condition. Just note that overdosage should be prevented. Yomeishu's special point is how it helps promote action on blood circulation. And that should be taken into consideration as well, for example, for those with conditions, such as high blood pressure, etc.

Yomeishu is available at all major supermarkets. For more information on the product, visit http://www.yomeishu.co.jp/english/faq/.
As with all health tonics and products, be advised to follow instructions in how you should take the drink.

As I always like to tell my friends, tonics and herbs are very powerful if taken right. Yomeishu is beneficial if you follow instructions and take it right, too. While Yomeishu complements and boosts your results in better health, you should also be mindful of your daily diet intake to ensure best overall results.

If you are not sure, always check with your physician first. 

Singapore's Yomeishu Website: http://www.yomeishu.sg/

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