Lean Bento: Healthy food made easy for office workers!

Lean Bento: Healthy food made easy for office workers!

With many healthy bento options available for corporate workers, Lean Bento is another one to consider in the recent rave for healthy foods. 

Yes, we ordered for the entire department! 
To order, you can simply do that through their website. Ordering proved to be a straightforward and simple process, which I was pretty glad. 
Muslim friends might also be glad to know that Lean Bento has recently been officially certified along with the Halal certification. Deliveries require at least your orders to be successfully submitted to them at least 1 working day in advance.

The delivery reached slightly before my fixed timing but I was fine with it. The sets were also nicely packed, content was filled to the brim. 


My colleague ordered the Arrabbiata Chicken Breast ($12.90). It contained patties made from grounded chicken breast meat, marinated with Italian herbs and spices and baked under low heat. The meal, listed under the High Protein Bentos, was a balanced one as she had her meats and loads of fiber. 
Love the bouncy, wobbly egg!
For me, I ordered the mushroom chicken noodles ($14.50), under the Low-Carb Noodle Bowls section, which the fat-trimmed chunks of chicken proved to be tasty and succulent. There was in fact, too much chicken pieces, but I'm not complaining. I also found in it a pleasure to break the runny, wobbly onsen egg. 
The meats and vegetables (broccoli), were good. 
What I didn't like about it was the the noodles. According to them, the noodles are zero-carb yam-fibre noodles, but it had a pretty weird texture, unfortunately. I get the thing about chewy consistency for noodles, but this was just not it. At least not the good kind of chewy. 

To order from them, visit their page at http://order.leanbento.com/.

Lean Bento
Location: 11 Collyer Quay #02-02 The Arcade, Singapore 049317

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