Life's Li'll Wonders: Fragrant Candles and soap that are gentle on skin!

Life's Li'll Wonders: Fragrant Candles and soap that are gentle on skin!

Today, I'm going to introduce 2 lovely products to you. Here it is, read on, people!

Skinny Dip Candles
"What? Oh my, how risqué!"

Not only the name is brow-raising, but also its functions. In a good way. I was pleasantly surprised and interested when I first learnt how to use this. 

Aroma candles, massage oil and body balm... all in one?! Really? 
Yes, really! Introducing the Skinny Dip Candles!

The lady boss of Life's Li'll Wonders had a vision to introduce these lovely candles from the USA, entering herself into a niche market with these unique products. 

How to use:
1. First, light them up as you would a normal aroma candle. 
2. Then, when the 'wax' starts to melt, a warmish liquid will form. Blow out the candle before touching the liquid!
3. Once you see this, you can use the liquid for application as you would use a fragrant massage oil!

*Cough Cough* Very good for couples. *Wink*

The liquid from the melted 'wax' are specially formulated to be used as a warm lotion for moisturizing cuticles and dry skin, as well as a massage oil. 

My burning question (pun intended): How am I to apply the melted liquid from the candle, on my skin? Won't I get burned?

Good question, because you won't! The ingredients in Skinny Dip Candles have a very low melt point. When fully melted they’re just 38 degrees celcius - not even as warm as a hot tub! 
As an added benefit, if you don't melt the candle, you can also just swipe the 'wax', which is essentially a body balm, and use it to moisturise dry skin areas! How convenient! 3 uses in 1 product!

Its main ingredients include: Cosmetic-grade soy, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Sunflower oil. Cocoa butter, Vitamin E and skin-safe essential /Fragrance oils. 

As you can see, most of the ingredients are nourishing to the skin.
When I was shown their products, I was really torn over which scents to choose, because they all seriously smell super good.
After deliberating, I chose Eucalyptus Mint, Feeling Flirty, Strawberries & Champagne and Sex on the Beach.
There are over 30 amazing scents and the tins come in 2 sizes 6oz tin ($25) or 1 oz tin ($10). The 1oz tin is perfect for wedding giveaways, bridal or baby showers. Your guests will love them for their lovely scents! 
Yes, I said it. Sex on the Beach Skinny Dip Candles. Yowzah!

Note: DO NOT use other candles the way you use Skinny Dip Candles. Which means, no applying other candle wax on your skin, please!

Current Promotion!

Specially for Halloween: Get the Spiced Pumpkin, an interesting aroma for the candle dip, up for grabs at a
 spooktacular price of $18 (usual price: $25)!

Corrynne’s Natural Soap
Western Australian company, Corrynne's have been natural soaps and body products for over twenty years, all handmade! Importantly, their products don't contain harmful chemical ingredients, but rather plant-based and made to old-fashioned cold process recipes. 
Corrynne's soaps include a very generous amount of essential oils for therapeutic benefits and they smell incredible! 

Weighing 100g per bar, you can choose from 27 different scents. Each soap bar costs $6. 
 Essential oils are known for their fragrance and therapeutic benefits. 
Also included in some bars are Australian clays for their exfoliation effect and cleansing properties!
Main ingredients include: Coconut, sustainable palm oil and olive oils, water, herbs, sandalwood powder, French and Australian clays, spices, essential oils and sodium hydroxide. 
If you're in a fix on which scent to get, they have an interesting thing called the Soap Kebabs, which features 7 different bars on a stick! Each Kebab stick costs $15. 

Life's Li'll Wonders also does hamper and gift services, ranging from $40 to $70. Contact them via their website for your favourite scents and more information.

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