Kris by MENCE: Weight loss made easy

Kris by MENCE: Weight loss made easy

How would you like to lose weight and regain a figure that you were once proud of? Just last week, I met veteran DJ, The Flying Dutchman (FD), who was just listed as the first celebrity spokesperson in Singapore for Kris by MENCE.
Kris by MENCE is a award-winning skincare and body toning authority from Hong Kong. For the past 35 years, MENCE Hong Kong has helped more than 300,000 customers achieve their ideal body shapes and enhance their health. Amongst its clientele are Hong Kong celebrities such as Hawick Lau, Lau Dan, Wu Fung and Otto Chan.
In just 6 months, FD witness amazing weight-loss results and he is now able to perform long desired actions like, bending down to tie his shoelaces, and sitting up without any support (a demonstration of better back functions).
With the help of a customised treatment programme by Kris by MENCE, he has managed to regain the figure he used to have in his mid-30s.

His results include:
• Losing a total of 8kg; 5.3kg of fats
• Reducing visceral fat by 20%
• Dropping two pant sizes
• Surpassed his ideal weight of 79kg, a goal he had always wanted to achieve since 2013
During the treatment, FD had his fat cells broken down and flushed away with the use of innovative and proven technologies from Hong Kong. His metabolism rate and lymphatic system have also boosted, allowing him to maintain the weight-loss results.
Treatments offered at Kris by MENCE include:
Weight Management Treatments
- Fat burning trimming treatment
- Full body treatment
- Muscle toning treatment
- Weight gaining treatment

Anti-aging Treatments
- Basic Facial Treatment
- Algo purifying & moisturising treatment
- Double chin removal treatment
- Face shaping treatment
- Micro dermabrasion treatment
Each of the above treatments will be conducted in their 10 well-equipped and spacious rooms. There are also room suites that cater to couples, which includes free wi-fi, cable TV, private bathroom, locker and all necessary grooming amenities.
Customers can be assured that all treatments used are non-invasive. As results and treatment periods for each individuals vary, customers should consult Kris by MENCE for their very own health-improving, slimming experience.

Kris by MENCE
Location: 39 Robinson Road #07-03 Robinson Point Singapore 068911
Tel: +65-6536 5747
Website: www.krisbymence.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/krisbymence

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