V-Mina: Keeping your vajayjay healthy makes you happy!

V-Mina: Keeping your vajayjay healthy makes you happy!

Today is a little special, because I wish to share some products that help with women health. Your confidence sprouts from within, hence it is important that you take care of areas which make you feel that way - clean!

As females, our vajayjay is a highly sensitive area and is really important to our overall health and happiness! As Asians, we are usually more shy when it comes to issues like these, but if we stay in silence and don't learn about it, and without proper care and hygiene, it can affect us in many huge ways!
As you know, there are already quite a few brands on the pharmacy shelves, to help you with keeping a well-balanced vaginal ecosystem, which is vital for a healthy V-area. The normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.2. When your vagina’s pH is outside of the normal range, a number of vaginal health problems may occur. Therefore, having quality feminine hygiene products with the right pH that are devoid of chemical deodorants or of antibiotic substances is important. 

Many commercial feminine hygiene products contain synthetic materials such as SLES, SL/ALS, chlorine and so on, all of which can be extremely disruptive and harmful to health.

V-Mina’s range of Feminine Hygiene includes:
• Cleansing Mousse
• Lightening Intimate Gel
• Deodorant Intimate Mist
• Cleansing Wipes

V-Mina is the FIRST feminine hygiene product in Singapore clinically tested and proven to improve good micro-flora balance. It gives valuable benefits not only to healthy individuals who appreciate delicate care for their well-being, also to those who are prone to infections despite having done their regular cleansing.

V-Mina’s products have been clinically formulated to match the normal pH (4.0) of the external vaginal area, allowing thorough daily cleansing without the risk of dryness and irritation. And they do NOT contain SLS/SLES/ALS which will possibly cause irritation especially for those who have more sensitive skin. V-Mina’s range of products come with yogurt extracts too, with a key purpose of improving good micro-flora balance. 

In a nutshell, here are the Clinically Tested & Proven Benefits of V-Mina:

• Improving good micro-flora balance.
• Natural anti-microbial.
• Facilitating healthy pH level (pH 4.0).
• Non-irritation, safe for daily use.

And as they say, Healthy V, Happy U!

To learn more about V-mina, visit their website here

This is an invited product testing.

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