The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit

Last week, I visited The White Rabbit with some colleagues, wanting to have a nice set lunch to mark the start of the weekend. Set in an old chapel, the restaurant was a stunner, especially its backyard garden, which featured The Rabbit Hole, as well as lovely outdoor chairs.




Good For: 
Big groups / Small Groups / Friends / Solo / Family

Not very convenient. Easier to go by taxi, if you do not drive.

Waiting for the food to arrive, we took the chance to explore the place and had fun. Our appetiser was served to us just after our exploration, and the timing was just right.

Their set lunch offerings are considered a good variety. A 2 course set lunch costs $38++ and 3 course costs $42++.

Here are their recommendations:
Starters - Ranger's Valley Wagyu Carpaccio, Pan-Seared Foie Gras, Seared Bay Scallops
Mains - Sauteed Japanese Seabream (Fish), Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle, 36-hour Brandt Shortribs
Desserts - Chocolate Fondant, Fresh Fruit Melange

Let's Eat!
They will serve bread and butter, which is slightly salted. The bread is freshly toasted and remains warm. Very good, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

What I ordered for my set:
Pan-Seared Foie Gras
Set on top of quince puree and roasted pear, the foie gras was pan-seared to salty. It was a little too salty for me. It was a good texture on the inside, but seemed a little charred on the outside.

36-Hour Brandt Shortribs
When I ordered this dish, I was told that they don't have shortribs, only the beef's rump cut. When it was served, it was saltier because of the truffle miso glaze. I also felt that the field mushrooms were salty, which I felt was unneccessary.
I did like the rump cut nevertheless (super meat lover talking), and the rump cut was pretty well cooked.

Chocolate Fondant
The presentation was lacking, but overlooking that, I went straight to cut into the chocolatey cake, which was supposed to contain a molten caramel core. Nope, nothing flowed out. In fact, the chocolate had been hardened, nothing flowed out except for some oil. It wasn't a pretty sight, and I was utterly disappointed. The banana and rum icecream was also without oomph. This dessert failed badly.

My colleague's orders:
Ranger's Valley Wagyu Carpaccio (Starters)
Topped with shaved parmesan, celery cress, balsamic pearls and thin truffle slices, the truffle slices was the winning factor for this dish, but I had wished the truffle flavour would have been more apparent.

Chicken Roulade (Mains)
This dish was not bad, set on barley and topped with (supposedly) crispy kale. The kale was not crispy, if it was, this dish would have been much better. By the time it was served, the kale had turned chewy. This was the failing factor for me.

Alaskan King Crab Tagliatelle (Mains - no photo, sorry!)
Salty. I tried the pasta as well, it wasn't as impressive as it sounds. Contains Alaskan King Crab meat, cooked in pork broth and kombu.

Sauteed Japanese Seabream (Mains - no photo, sorry!)
Tender fish meat, set on top of creamed leeks, smoked mussels. My colleague enjoyed his seabream.

Fresh Fruit Melange (Dessert)
The grapefruit shaved ice tasted like orange cordial, over shaved ice. Did I also mention the shaved ice was coarse shaved ice? It was served on top of a dark chocolate bowl.

Lemon Meringue Tart (Dessert)
While the lemon meringue, topped with fruit bits, had tasted nice, the chocolate pastry it was set on was very hard and not a pleasant combination. Also on the plate, bland tasting acacia honey ice-cream.

I waited at least 10 minutes per dish to be served, and it was clear that the kitchen and the floor servers had messed up the orders, making the wait very very long. We were quite unhappy as we were running out of time to go back to the office. Overall, it is not a place I would specially return to eat, especially with such a price, long waiting hours and a confused kitchen crew.

The best bit:The bread and butter, as well as the dining surroundings (well, this is pretty pathetic, isn't it?!)

The worse bit: The super long wait for the food. The average tasting food.

The White Rabbit
Location: 39C Harding road Singapore 249541

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