For the Globe and your future generations: Global Goals

For the Globe and your future generations: Global Goals

Something amazing is starting today and I want to be a part of it. Other than just sharing stuff on food, travel and beauty, today, I want to share something that that really matters. 

I got to learn about this amazing movement that was created by the United Nations (UN), which will officially begin today, 25 September 2015. Yes, it is 25 September in Singapore today!

This movement, known as The Global Goals, will last for the next 15 years, where 193 world leaders have pledged to achieve 3 amazing targets: 

1. End extreme poverty.
2. Fight inequality & injustice.
3. Fix climate change. 

Sounds really hard. But will it, if we all do our part?
Other than these 3 goals, there are in total 17 goals listed under The Global Goals.

Living in Singapore, it is true that these 17 goals might seem like something distant and unrelated to us. If you feel so, that's because we are really blessed to be in this country. Home is some place I hold dear, and seeing how others find it even hard to feel safe in their own home makes me know that we should not take our nation for granted.

What you can do: 
Pick a goal that holds dear to you, and pledge your commitment! 

For example, Climate Action (Goal #13), for example, is something that you can put your efforts in. Saving paper and water, protecting our available resources, is effort needed on your part. 

I support Goal #2: No Hunger.
I support the notion of ending world hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition, as well as the promotion of sustainable agriculture.

If we don't care about our world, no one else will. Make your stand today!

Join the movement on social media

Official Hashtags: #GlobalGoals # GlobalCitizen

To learn more about The Global Goals, visit: http://www.globalgoals.org

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