CakesOnline.sg: Online cakes? Here's the new kid on the block!

CakesOnline.sg: Online cakes? Here's the new kid on the block!

We were invited to the official launch of a brand-new online gourmet cake shop, founded by creative, passionate bakers. Simply known as Cakesonline.sg, you can expect rich looking, pretty cakes for sale. Read on to learn more about this new online bakery.




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Nil. Online purchase only.

Let’s Eat!

 The Malt-Teaser ($58), Decadent and rich chocolate cake created using malt cocoa powder and crunchy malt balls spread over the chocolate batter.

Spectaculoos Cheesecake ($58), cookie butter cheesecake topped with ribbons of cookie buttery cream and sprinkled with cookie crumble.

All orders have to be submitted to them at least 3 days in advance. You know why? Because all pastries and cakes are made with fresh, carefully curated ingredients, which are only purchased upon receipt of your order requests! This ensures you get the freshest tasting cakes, served right up to your doorstep.
Lime Meringue Tart ($65), Velvety white meringue lightly torched. Pretty sour. Many might be torn between deciding whether they like or dislike this. For me, I liked it. Goes well with Earl Grey tea!

Did I also mention that all orders include 100% FREE delivery. Choose when you want the cake to be delivered to any address within mainland Singapore, yes, for free!
Eggless Blackforest Cake ($58), Rich and earthy, this cake boasts no alcohol used. And being eggless, this is a good choice for vegetarians. 

The bakers do not include preservatives and artificial colouring, instead, using premium ingredients to craft their work of art.  That's why their cakes can generally be kept in the fridge about 2 to 3 days (maximum) after you receive them.
Tiramisu ($58), Bold flavours of cocoa, espresso, with the creaminess of mascarpone cheese. This cake is also alcohol-free.

Pistachio Raspberry Litchi Cake ($58), A spongy cake with 2 main ingredients: Raspberry and Pistachio. Raspberry mousse is spread over layers of pistachio sponge and topped with pistachio nuts and raspberries. 

Do you also want your special photo to appear on a cake? Yes, that service is also available at Cakesonline.sg! Just choose the flavour and the bakers will create a special cake for your special occasion.
Customised cake (enquire prices with bakers directly)

That said, of course, if you do have any other requests, discuss with the bakers by sending in an enquiry, and they can create the perfect celebration cake or tart for your loved ones.

Mixed berries tart ($65), A fruity tart, with natural beetroot colouring which gives the tart base a lovely red colour. Definitely one for the fruit lovers.

CakesOnline.sg are also proud owners of the ISO2200 certification, which is a testament to their stringent quality and hygiene standards, so you can make sure your cakes are in safe hands.

Chocolate salted caramel tart ($65), salted caramel and chocolate ganache. Rich and a lovely marriage between the salty and sweet.

My personal favourites are the Malt-Teaser, Lime Meringue Tart and the Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart.

Website: http://www.cakesonline.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CakesOnline.SG

This is a invited tasting session.

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