Winwin Snacks: Halal Snacks for just about everyone

Winwin Snacks: Halal Snacks for just about everyone

I was glad to have a chance to be introduced to the brand, WinWin Foods. Honestly, it was my first time hearing of the brand, but I was glad I did. They also generously sent over some products for me to try out, and I had a ball doing it.
As the brand is an online shop (yes, that means you can shop snacks from the comfort of your own home!), you can browse and shop their offerings here: http://win2food.com/shop/

Just order minimum of $50 and their delivery charges of $20 will be waived. It's not difficult reaching $50 anyway, because they have so many snacks available which you can try from!

Just want to share that the brand is halal. Hence, my muslim friends, snack on! Woohoo!

First up, here's an introduction taken from their website:
Win Win Food is a leading manufacturer of delectable corn snacks, wafer rolls, chocolate sweets and variety of delicious biscuit and cookie products. The secret to Win Win’s success starts with its high quality ingredients. These ingredients are then skillfully mixed, shaped and processed into snacks by using the highest food safety/hygiene and quality standards.
Let's Eat!
 Happy Moo Butter Biscuits (120g per pack, $1.30 each)
 This should be a hit with kids, because it's just nicely packed into a kids size. Of course, adults can also snack with this! I did find it a little plain for me but I think kids would love the taste - buttery!
 It's cute as well!

Mini Pockets - Vanilla filling / Chocolate Filling (120g each, $1.80)
 I loved this snack! I could eat it all day... (no, Janel, no.) I love vanilla, so I do prefer the vanilla filling. It was a lovely bite size with generous cream fillings. This makes for a great snack and what else I love about this is that...
It can be resealed with their freshness seal! All for $1.80! Very reasonably priced, and the highlight of my post. :)

Nutri 5 Cereal Crisp (available at 120g, $1.50 and 400g, $4.50 per pack)
I was given the chocolate and the original flavour, 120g each. Within the pack are many small energy looking bars. This is interesting because you can just eat it as is, or put into hot water to make it a cereal drink.
I tried making the chocolate one into an energy drink, but unfortunately, I think I put too much hot water! Although it isn't stated how much water to mix it, but I think a good amount would be 200ml. Remember, mix it in while hot!

Toast Bread - Garlic / Cheese Flavour (100g each, $1.30 per pack)
Toast bread as a snack? Wait, what? This is gonna be so popular with people into garlic bread or cheese flavoured bread (like me), because this is so crispy and the flavour just burst in your mouth. My friends who tried this also agreed with me that the taste is really strong and it did taste good.
One gripe from me is that they didn't have a freshness seal for this, seeing how they had one for the smaller mini pocket snack (as mentioned above). Being unable to finish everything at once (must watch diet, mah), I put it away nicely in a ziplock bag and sealed it myself to keep its freshness. But I suggest not to keep it for too long. Anyway, you probably wouldn't, since it's pretty snackable. lol.

Cracker series (as seen in photo below. 600g per box, $5.80 each)

Featuring flavours: Sweet Corn Crackers, Sour Cream Potato Crisp, Tomato Potato Crisp, BBQ Potato Crisp, Sweet Corn & Cream Combis Crackers, Vegetable Potato Crisp
 Each box contains 8 convenience packs in each box, and each pack has 5 baked chips! This is a healthier way to enjoy your snack, from a wide range of flavours!
I also liked the fact that each pack only has 5 pieces, because it helps me control overeating :) I love the vegetable one! haha.

As shared above, you can browse and shop their snacks here: http://win2food.com/shop/

Website: http://win2food.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/win2food
General Enquiries: +65-6659-1086

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