Garden Picks: Extremely Nutty with their butters!

Garden Picks: Extremely Nutty with their butters!

As I've previously reviewed, Garden Picks are all about nuts. This time, they go a level higher. Presenting to you, their nut butters!

I was so glad this came through the mail. I'm sure some of you already know that Peanut Butter isn't the only Nut Butter around. Right?

So, anyway, I was excited to receive these nut butters because they are just yummy! Nut butters are healthy and delicious to eat!

Other than applying them on your bread, any more suggestions?

Well, I decided to get creative, and I whipped up 3 simple, easy to make dishes with the nut butters!

Learning Note: Some nut butters are higher in polysaturated fats and some are higher in monosaturated fats. Nut butters like Macadamia Nut Butter has a low cooking and heat point. That's why I only use that to cook my chicken, because it has more monosaturated fats. You should not expose the Cashew and Almond Nut Butters to heat or attempt to cook them, because they lean towards polysaturated fats, which should not be eaten after being heated. 

Monosaturated Fats: Best unheated, or cook in low heat (short period of time only)

Polysaturated fats: DO NOT HEAT at all. 

Okay, over with the boring stuff. Let's introduce the butters first!

Almond Nut Butter (250gm, $13.50)

Cashew Nut Butter (250gm, $12)

Macadamia Nut Butter (250gm, $16)

Here's my dishes that I created! If you are interested in my recipes, it'll be all up on the blog within this week, so please stay tuned!

Breakfast Item: Almond Nut Fruit Toast Stack

Lunch Item: Macadamia Zesty Chicken with light crunch

Snack Item: Fruit Crunch Cashew Yogurt Mix

Hope you'll like my recipes, which will be up on the blog by this week! Links will be provided as soon as it goes up! :)

Garden Picks
Website: http://www.gardenpicks.com.sg/

This post is by invitation. Many thanks to Garden Picks for sending over the products.

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