Choo Choo Chicken in Singapore

Choo Choo Chicken in Singapore

Yes! I'm here at Choo Choo Chicken. This was a super overdue post. 

Was it a smooth ride on this chicken journey, or did I try to pull the brakes to a screeching halt? Check out my review below!

Somerset / Orchard



Good For: 
Small Groups / Friends / Solo / Family

Approx. 2 minutes walk from Somerset MRT Station

This place is super small. I think it can hold up to about 18-20 people, max! 

Let's Eat!
We ordered the full chicken ($32) with the choice of 4 flavours: Soy, Original, Yangnyeom and Garlic. 
The flavours were honestly, at best, average. The chicken marinates didn't seem to absorb well and it was definitely not only of the best Korean Fried Chicken I had.

I didn't exactly enjoy the outer layer of the chicken too. It needed to be more crispy and I didn't feel the oomph biting into it. I did like that the chicken meat was pretty tender, though only at some parts. 
They really do need to work on its fried outer texture. A better balance between the sweet and spiciness of the yangnyeom sauce would also be appreciated.

We did enjoy the beers and the makgeolli though! Lovely!
Thank goodness for good company, though. (Pictured: Luna and me)
(Missing from picture: Hannah and Fidelia - one is busy pouring the makgeolli, the other is busy eating chicken haha)

The best bit: The makgeolli.
The worse bit: The outer layer of the chicken.

Choo Choo Chicken
Location: Orchard Cineleisure, 8 Grange Road #03-06 Singapore 239695


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