Ah Hua Kuey Teow 亚华果条

Ah Hua Kuey Teow 亚华果条

[Malaysia, Johor Bahru] Being at Johor Bahru, you can't miss out on having good food. And even so, it's not difficult at all finding good food! We just walked into this random noodle eatery, Ah Hua Kuey Teow 亚华果条, for breakfast, and it wasn't a wrong choice. 

Johor Bahru



Good For: 
Small Groups / Big Groups / Friends / Solo / Family

Just located opposite KSL City Mall, Johor Bahru

Let's Eat!
Dry Version, RM6
The dry version of the noodles here come with a big bowl of soup, which has vegetables, some seaweed and 2 huge fishballs. The fishballs were really bouncy and was delicious. This was my friend's order, which she chose to have hers with the silver needle noodles / Bee Tai Bak / Rat Noodles.
My friend's bowl of noodles came with deep fried lard, minced meat, liver and sliced meat. The ingredients are the same with every bowl, if you don't eat liver, remember to tell them to exclude it.

The bowl of noodles were served with a huge scoop of chilli on top. Somehow, I felt that the chilli and the silver needle noodles didn't go very well with each other. Something felt lacking.
My friend knew she wanted the silver needle noodles as her noodle choice, but for me, I wanted what the owners recommended. So I told them to surprise me with their best and here's what came up!

Chinese yellow noodles aka egg noodles!
Honestly, if I had a choice, chinese yellow noodles will not be the top of my choice as the egg noodles I'm used to have a weird aftertaste which doesn't sit well with me.

Well, I thought I'd never say this about yellow noodles, but it was so shiok (sheer pleasure) here! The ingredients were the same as my friend's bowl. But the noodles mixed with the chilli so much better here, I believe its due to the sheer texture of the noodles. Also, the deep fried lard enhanced the fragrance of the noodles! This was so good.

After mixing up the noodles, just enjoy! In the photo, it's a piece of liver with the noodles. Lovely mix. I would highly recommend this!
 (Shucks, I'm already hungry just thinking about it)

Soup Version (with Silver needle noodles / Bee Tai Bak / Rat Noodles), RM6
The soup was more flavourful because of the ingredients, soaked in the soup. The 2 handmade fishballs by the owner was also apparent in the soup. Even in the soup version, there was traces of deep fried lard, but that loses its oomph as it loses its crisp.
This was too light for me. But it'll be a comforting breakfast for most. I like a heavier taste!

Ngoh Hiang
This was so fragrant and well made. The beancurd skin was so crispy and the inner fillings were flavourful.
 Have it with the sambal chilli. It's simply the best.

Golden Fried Fishcakes
This was also a very well fried snack, the outside is so crispy and you can taste the fragrant oil as you munch down on it. If you like, dip into the sweet chilli sauce that comes with it. But I like it on its own. :)

The best bit: The dry noodle version (with Chinese yellow noodles) and its sides.

The worst bit: None! If I have to nitpick, the fans have to be stronger because the chilli is so tasty, you'll keep eating it until you perspire!

Ah Hua Kuey Teow 亚华果条
Location: 21, Jalan Serigala, Taman Century, Johor Bahru

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