STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar: A New Golden Jubilee Menu for SG50!

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar: A New Golden Jubilee Menu for SG50!


We gathered at Bay Hotel Singapore's STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar to try their food just recently. I was excited because it was a launch for their new Jubilee menu, created specially for SG50, which debuts officially on 1 August 2015, putting a local spin on popular global cuisines.
Street 50, SG50, 50 Telok Blangah Road! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. 

They also have a new Executive Chef - Kay Lee Hou Keong, who trained under renowned Michelin Star chef Max Milleri! Chef Kay also trained at Joel Robuchon, and has spent almost two decades cooking up a storm in kitchens both local and abroad, from Geneva, Switzerland to Lombardy, Italy. 

Well, we were really very glad he was preparing food for us, so to speak! :)

As the flagship restaurant of Bay Hotel Singapore, the country’s largest executive boutique hotel, STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar traces its roots back a humble 2 years, yet in a remarkably short period of time, it has established a reputation among street smart diners for being the place to go for hotpot, served in iconic and decidedly Chinoiserie Royale hotpots, our tantalizing weekend buffets that is gentle on the wallet, and a unique twist on global cuisines.



Good For: 
Big Groups / Small Groups / Friends / Solo / Family

Approx. 3 minutes walk from HarbourFront MRT Station

Let's Eat!

Fisherman’s Soup ($8.90)
I did like this dish, it tasted heavy with the seafood flavour infused, and I thought it was very appetising. To me. The seafood was flavourful and it went well with 2 slices of country bread served on the side.

Snow Crab Salad ($9.90)
This was very refreshing, and I liked it as a starter! Especially the snow crab and roe. Really lovely.

Land & Sea Shell Salad with Spicy Cincalok ($9.90)
This salad rocked my socks. It was special and juicy with the californian manila clams, top shells and escargots, served with asian achar salad and spicy cincalok dressing. Mix well and you're all set.

Otah By The Bay ($8.90)
Seafood lovers, rejoice! Here's an otah that will satisfy your seafood cravings, with its packed offerings of manila clams, giant octopus, hokkaido scallops and coral garoupa! The otah meat was lovely and heavily flavoured with the seafood, which we enjoyed.

Bay’s Spring Chicken ($14.90)
The half spring chicken was deep fried in turmeric spices, and it was really tender and juicy, even for the breast parts. I liked the coleslaw which they served on the side, really lovely.

Satay Un-Skewered ($19.90)
This did not look anything like Satay at all. But even so, it retained the flavour of your favourite lamb satay, because they marinated a juicy lamb chop in satay spice and fired it up, then topped it with your favourite peanut sauce, set on a nice rice cake. Have to give them a thumbs up for making satay look and taste expensive!  And nope, don't need to un-skewer the satay also, because they already did that for you. Eat your satay in style, folks!

Satay Bay Hoon ($14.90)
This is no ordinary Satay beehoon, guys. This traditional dish is no longer common in our foodcourts and hawker centres, and I was glad to see this on the menu. Pour the satay sauce over the generous serving of cuttlefish, octopus, clams, kangkong, taupok, quail eggs and chicken satay. Mix well. Totally ready to be enjoyed.

Sambal Saba ($16.90)
This saba fish is a new level up from those that you get from food courts, with its sea salt flake toppings. I really like that the meats here - it was tender, juicy. It would have gone better with the rice, but I thought the fish still smelled a little too strong - remember to add some lime and have it with the sambal chilli.

Veal Cheek Rendang ($19.90)
This was super tender and well done. Easily one of my favourite dishes of the night. It was flavourful, due to 8 hours of braising, then carefully topped with a full-flavoured rendang sauce. Have it with the bread, dipped in its sauce, amazing.

Garoupa Popiah ($18.90)
Have you tried fried fish in popiah style? My eyebrows were raised when I first heard of this dish too. Interestingly, instead of other ingredients, they chose to put fish meat with, and set it into deep fry mode. The result of it was a crispy exterior with a tender, soft interior. On the side, they have tomatoes, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil mix which then gives it a distinct taste. If you swing by, check out this interesting dish.

Bubur Cha Cha Crème Brulee ($9.90)
A fusion dessert, we have bur bur cha cha in creme brulee style! The little colourful bits are chewy creations of braised yam, sweet potato, pumpkin and Japanese blue potato. Very chewy with the brulee, but very sugary as well, because of the use of black sugar. They also topped it up with coconut pandan foam, to give it added layers of texture.

Warning, girls - this is a sweet dessert. I mean, come on, it's creme brulee! Must sugar it on lah!

Durian Pengat ($8.90)
Deep in durian flavour, they've paired this intense flavour with a light pandan jelly, dressed with a dried pineapple slice, which was a first that I've eaten before! It was an interesting mix.

Overall, I felt that the food was worth every cent, the food quality was good and the pricing was really reasonable. Good news for those who are often looking for supper places, well, here's one more to add to the supper list.

This restaurant opens from 6am to 4am!

Specially for you folks, you can now enjoy this menu from 10 July 2015 onwards, as part of their soft launch! On top of that, hear hear, there's also going to be a 20% off food orders for the new Golden Jubilee a la carte menu, so please call them, make a reservation and check it out now!

Bay Hotel Singapore (Street 50 Restaurant & Bar)
Location: 50 Telok Blangah Road
Tel: 6818 6681
Website: www.bayhotelsingapore.com

This is an invited media event.

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