Eat at Seven's Enbu 炎舞: Experiencing Singapore's first Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya

Eat at Seven's Enbu 炎舞: Experiencing Singapore's first Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya

Just last week, we were invited to enjoy a media preview of Enbu 炎舞, which is one of the 7 restaurants housed under Eat at Seven.
Located at Suntec City's new Sky Garden, the 600-seater restaurant, the restaurant is home to 7 Japanese restaurants which has its own following in its homeland, which sees queues spanning hours just to savour its cuisine.

Now, it has come to Singapore!

Eat at Seven is an interesting concept by ANA Trading, Tomo F&B Pte Ltd and Komars Group. ANA, being the top airline in Japan, has managed to inspire seven of the most popular food concepts in Japan to attempt entry into Singapore's vibrant food industry.

Being very particular of every detail, they have paid special attention to all areas, even their cutlery used, which are specially made to accompany the dishes served to its patrons.

We tried Enbu 炎舞 first, which is the first of the 7 restaurants to be launched. Enbu 炎舞 also literally translates to 'Dance of Flame', which plays true to their specialty of grilling with straws and charcoal grills.

It is also Singapore's first Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya.

City Hall / Promenade



Good For: 
Small Groups / Big Groups / Friends / Solo / Family / Chill-out

Approx. 5 minutes walk from Promenade MRT Station / 
8 minutes walk from City Hall MRT Station

Let's Eat!
Deep Fried Tofu with Uni Sauce ($12)
This was one of my favourites for the night. The deep fried tofu was lovely, together with Uni sauce, and I really enjoyed the golden crispiness of the outer layer, deep fried to perfection.

Taco Salad ($15)
This will be how it'll be served, with the waiter dishing out the ingredients in front of you, topping it up with freshly grated cheese~ yums!

If you want to do it yourself for the fun of it, it's possible too. Just let them know!
 Finished product:
I enjoyed this dish, despite this is more of a western-asian fusion, rather than a Japanese dish. Bolognese lovers, you'll find this suiting for your tastebuds as it's taste is pretty similar, but with an added crunch from the corn bits.

Smoked Salmon with Homemade Cheese Tofu ($12)
The cheese tofu was a nice mix to the smoked salmon, but it was pretty standard and no hoo-ha over this for me.

Jya Jya Men ($12)
I was actually looking forward to this dish, as I was expecting something similar to either the Korean or Chinese Jjajjangmen. Unfortunately, this reminded me of dry lamian, and it was a tad too salty for my liking.

Chicken Warayaki with Special Spring Onion Sauce ($12) / Katsuo Warayaki ($16)

A smoky, deepset flavour is apparent as we munch on the juicy Chicken Warayaki and the Katsuo Warayaki, which most were impressed by as well. The Chicken Warayaki also came with a Korean gochujang dip for a mildly sweeter, spicy flavour.

Sashimi Platter ($120)
This was definitely the highlight of the night, with 7 types of fresh sashimi being flown in from Japan on the morning of the tasting! Omgee, it's just so fresh and so good. This is a portion for 4 pax, but honestly, I can finish this entire thing by myself. SERIOUSLY.

For your reference of size... Ta-dah!

Huge hor? The freshness is extremely worth its price!

Here's the smaller portion (for 2 pax), which costs about half the price of the bigger one. I highly recommend this dish, remember to order this!

Homemade Steamed Tofu ($12)
I love steamed tofu, especially when the tofu was as smooth and soft as this one. The accompanying Japanese soy sauce however, should be added in with caution, as one can find this too salty for their liking. 

Oyster and Spinach Teppanyaki with Uni Sauce ($12)
Another dish which I liked, the oysters with uni sauce! The uni sauce gave the oysters a saltier edge, and I liked how the flavours of this dish turned out.

On a side note, local patrons can also choose from various exquisite craft beers, from wheaty beers like the Coedo Craft Beer White (350ml, $15), rich flavoured beers like Coedo Craft beer Ruri (350ml, $15) to the Suntory Kakubin Draft Highball (45ml, $10), a sweet blend of carbonated whisky and soda water, which most alcohol lovers would probably fall in love with.
Other upcoming launches at Eat at Seven are three other food specialist concepts: Megumi, NikuNoHi and Nigiro Cafe.

This was an invited media tasting and preview session.

Eat at Seven: Enbu
Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, #03-307, Singapore 038983
Tel: 62381630
Operating Hours: 11am to 11pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/enbusingapore

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