Cooking Mee Rebus at home x Toast Box

Cooking Mee Rebus at home x Toast Box

Hey guys! Today, I'm preparing the Mee Rebus, using Toast Box's new Asian Delights Cooking Paste, part of their SG50 celebratory launch!

The pack says it serves 2-3 people, but I think it's well enough to feed 5 people! It's not only easy to cook, but there's also absolutely no artificial colouring and trans fat, even with its rich flavours! 

A. Toast Box Mee Rebus Paste (200g)
B. Water (540ml)

Yellow noodles (420g)
Bean sprouts (70g)
Hard boiled egg (1pc)
Fresh prawns (3-4pcs)
Green chilli (3pcs)
Fried shallot (18g)
Fried beancurd cubes (2pcs / 100g)
Fried Mini shrimps (14.5g)
Calamansi (1-2pcs)
Chinese Celery (27g)

Step A - Fried Beancurd Cubes 
1. Heat 45ml of cooking oil in wok.
2. When the oil is hot, lower the flame and fry the beancurd cubes for about 1 minute till crisp golden brown. 
3. Sieve the oil from the beancurd cubes and leave to settle. 
(Cooking Note: I used beancurd puffs instead, and did the same, but I used less oil because it naturally is slightly oilier already. I think it tasted so good and crispy.)

Step B - Mee Rebus Gravy
1. Mix mee rebus paste with water.

The packet contains some paste and powder.
 Powder and paste!
 After mixing the powder and the paste in the packet.

2. Pour the gravy into a pot and boil. When it is boiling, lower the flame and allow it to simmer for 2 minutes without covering the pot. 

The gravy's a-cookin'!
3. Place the prawns in the boiling water for 2 minutes. Then remove and set aside. 
(Cooking note: I did a light stirfry of my prawns with my dried shrimps and replaced shallots with onions instead!)

4. Transfer gravy into slow cooker or into a cooking pot. Cook using low heat. Cover the pot. 

5. The mee rebus gravy is ready to be served.

Step C - Mee Rebus Noodles
1. Blanch yellow noodles and bean sprouts in boiling water for about 5 seconds.
2. Drain off excess water and put them into a bowl.

3. Gently stir mee rebus gravy before scooping onto noodles and garnish with all the other ingredients. 

4. Serve hot. 
I did notice that the end product isn't as sweet as what you usually buy from outside. Hence, you might like to add in some sugar while making your gravy. I did like it the way it is, because I feel healthier without adding sugar! :)

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