Cooking Chicken Curry at home x Toast Box

Cooking Chicken Curry at home x Toast Box

Hey guys! Today, I'm preparing the Curry Chicken, using Toast Box's new Asian Delights Cooking Paste, part of their SG50 celebratory launch!
Toast Box Curry Paste  (100g)
Fresh Chicken (I used breast meat) 430g
Peeled Potatoes (230g)
Fresh Coconut milk (145ml)
Water (200ml)
Curry leaf (but I used Laksa leaf instead to give a minty edge to my curry!) 3g

Other main ingredients to prepare

The pack says it serves 2-3 people, but I think it's well enough to feed 5 people!

Cooking method: 

1. Season the chicken pieces with curry paste and allow it to set for 20 to 30 minutes. (Cooking note: I set it a little longer - about 40 minutes)

2. The packet says to deep-fry the potatoes till golden brown, which you can do so. But I like my potatoes boiled, so I had them boiled instead, for about 5-8 minutes.

3. Stir-fry the seasoned chicken pieces for 1 minute. Add 200ml of water. Bring to boil and simmer for 13 minutes. 

4. Add the potatoes and the coconut cream. (Cooking note: I made a little changes to this, because I like my curry slightly thicker, so I used coconut cream. You can follow their instructions and put coconut milk!)

Before adding in the potatoes and coconut cream

After adding in the potatoes and coconut cream

5. Add other seasoning based on personal preference. (Please note that I didn't add any other seasoning. But you can add a little salt to season the curry more!)

6. Garnish with curry leaves and serve hot with baguette or white rice. 

(Cooking note: I used laksa leaves instead to give my curry a little more minty edge!)
As you can see, I made a little changes here and there, to suit my own convenience and taste preferences. But even following their instructions, it is a simple and easy process to churn out a lovely curry chicken dish!

It's not only easy to cook, but there's also absolutely no artificial colouring and trans fat, even with its rich flavours!

For more information, please visit Toast Box at:
Website: http://toastbox.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/toastboxsingapore
Instagram: https://instagram.com/toastboxsg/

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